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Quinn Stingray

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Default Quinn Stingray

What do you guys think of the Quinn Stingray. It looks like a pretty good bow for the money. I would want the Stallion for a hunting bow but it does not come in left hand[:@]. I guess I can use the stingray for hunting though. I would just order it with the Stallion limbs. Has anybody shot one or seen/heard one shot. For that price I am willing to try it out.
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Default RE: Quinn Stingray

I know there are a few Quinn fans come wandering through from time to time. I've never shot one, so I don't know anything about them. I did find this review of a Quinn Stallion Classic on another forum by a fella who goes by Jipp. How it would relate to a Stingray is questionable but it might give you an idea about Quinn in general.

Ok the pros.

Very smooth no stacking.
Very dead in the hand.
I dont notice any hand shock.
craftmanship is nice.
cant beat the price.
performance is pretty good. ( Only arrows i have for it right now are on the st iff side i think. and im not getting best of arrow flight but at 30 yards im still pegging a softball size target. well its a head of a rabbit target i just pinned up to the hay bail. Arows im using are Carbon express terminator hunters with 150grain feild tips, 4" vanes come in like 650grains i think. I added a bear weatherrest i had laying around to shoot off. im not much of a shelf guy once i found the bear weather rest. )

I love how skinny the handel is. i really enjoy this. But I dont like!!! more to this in cons.

has a good weight too it. Riser mass. the cork in the limb pockets is nice. No noticable noise from them.

Nuteral -

The glass has some flaws in it. I went with the classic that has the bubinga limbs. Now I cant fault this because even 1500.00 customs can have such flaws in clear glass. So no points taken off. ILl just add some snake skins later on maybe.

Con - Ok, well lets face it i doubt there are to many bows out there you could not change something to fit you better. So take these with a grain of salt. and not to take away from the bow you get.

I dont care for the take down limb bolts. Ill have to get them changed out. BUt this is pure cosmetic on my part, and they do the job just fine. id just like them a little bigger.

Its pretty loud. BUt nothing a new string wont take care of.

And this is the thing that bugs me the most. there is a little divit thing in the riser. Granted i shoot with a open to loose fit grip. So when im shooting I dont notice. but when im just walking back and forth or have it in my hand. This little dish thing bugs me to no end. Already gonna get a peice of currly maple or something and fill that hole in. gues if i had smaller hands would not bug me. and i wish the tips were a little smaller so my stringer fit better. Im gonna need to get a diffrent stringer.

With that said I think,
honestlty for such a low price David quinn sells and builds these. there is nothing I can fault. Even if they did cost more there is really nothing I could fault. MINUS That hole on the riser on the right side of the window. GRRR> lol, yeah ill gets oem wood and fix that soon. ill try to learn to live with it first.

Conclusion. I strung up a wood riser bow after shooting the quinn. and lets just say im gonna haev a hard time going back to a wood riser.

Im sold on metal riser bows. for the price if this one was stolen or broke or something like that. Yes, i would buy anouther one. However, with the DAS rafftle im gonna win. I think i wont have to worrie about anouther bow. ill be set. lol.

anyhow. verdict. Go buy one.. heck for the price buy 2.

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Default RE: Quinn Stingray

Thanks arthur. That was helpful. I want to start trad shooting but don't have a lot of money to put into it being only 17. That is why I ruled out the hoyt gamemaster. If i get some money for christmas I may go and have a look at one of these. Thanks for the response and Merry Christmas.
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Default RE: Quinn Stingray

Merry Christmas back at'cha! Hope you make a good enough haul to get your bow.
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