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Default , Help with new bow

Hello everyone, i have been shooting a samick recurve for about a year now and love the recurve over the compound. I ordered a custon recurve and recieved it about 2 weeks ago, i will not say any names for now. My broblem is the new bow i recieved i ordered to be 62 in, 55 lbs at 28 draw, after putting the string on the new bow and shooting and letting the string settle i had to twist it to where the string started to coil up by the limbs, tried 3 other strings and wound up with the same problem to get the brace height to 8 in, specs from the company. if i stand the bow along side my other 62 inch recurve it is like 2 inches shorter. was the bow made too short or is it ok for the string to be twisted that much. Thanks for any help guys, just frustrated after spending 7 hundred on a new bow.
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No, you never, ever want so many twists in a bow string that it starts to kink up.

No telling what's going on. Might be the bowyer made a mistake and made you a 60" bow instead of a 62". It might be that he doesn't list his bow lengths by AMO standards. It could very well be a 62" bow, if you use a cloth tape and measure the length, being sure to follow the limb's contours. That is the generally accepted way of measuring a recurve's acutal length. A bow with a lot of curvature in the limbs could have just as limb length as another recurve with a lot less curvature, but still appear shorter when strung and compared side by side.

Unless you've got an extra long draw length, 2" in bow length isn't likely to be a killer anyway. You've just got to fit the bow with a string length it likes. Try an AMO 60" string and see how it works. You might have to get a string custom made that'd be 61" AMO.

When you find out what the actual string length is, make sure you record it. That way you can order by actual string length instead of AMO length. Or, maybe, get into making your own.

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