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Got the Jones!

Old 01-21-2006, 12:06 PM
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Default Got the Jones!

The ol' shoulder has been hurting like the dickens for the past few weeks. Went to see the vet (when he stops treating me like a head of beef, then I'll start calling him a doctor again ) and he put me on some different arthritis meds andtold me to lay off shooting for a few weeks. It's already been 5 days without shooting a single arrow and I'm about to go out of my mind!

Might have to go knock the dust and cobwebsoff my ratty old crossbow and chunk a few bolts out of that, just to keep from going totally bonkers.
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Old 01-21-2006, 05:58 PM
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Default RE: Got the Jones!

Yuk Arthur! I've gone thru periods (of injury) where I couldn't shoot & I feel your pain bro! It sux!! Hope ya get better soon.
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Old 01-21-2006, 06:01 PM
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Default RE: Got the Jones!

Inidentally Arthur, you're the 1st person I know who shoots archery and enjoys crossbow too. Can I ask your unique thoughts on including the crossbow in archery only hunting seasons?
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Old 01-21-2006, 07:41 PM
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Default RE: Got the Jones!

THAT'S a can 'o worms you're asking me to open. And I'm afraid I don't have a short answer for it.

Now, I like shooting crossbows. They are a fun diversion from flinging arrows. I even intend to make my own replica of a mideaval crossbow sometime this summer. I've got a nice limb on an osage tree already picked out and will cut it next week to begin seasoning it to make the prod.

However, I've never been in favor of their unrestricted use in bow seasons. In fact, I've fought hard against them. I've written many letters to the wildlife commission and state legislators opposing crossbows in bow season. I've been involved in practically every crossbow debate to come along on the forums.

It's not all been wasted effort, but I feel I've only helped delay the inevitable.

A couple of years ago, as you'll recall, Pope and Young Clubdropped their 65% letoff rule. That was the last pillar of hope to keep bow seasons somewhat true to their origins. Now the field is wide open. Mechanical releases are de rigour for practically everyone shooting a compound these days. 99% letoff bows are already on the market. Draw now, wait for the shot, pull the trigger.To me, there is no difference in doing that and usinga cocked and locked crossbow. There is no 'drawing in the immediate presence of game' with that kind of bow.

Obviously, we cannot ban compounds because some 90% of all bowhunters are shooting them. A sizeable portion of that 90% won't even consider any kind of restrictions on performance or letoff. In fact, ifone even suggests such restrictions, he istarred and feathered... figuratively if not literally.So, since we are forced to accept the compound under those terms,then we must also accept it's kissing cousin, the crossbow.

It's not that I'm in favor of crossbows in bow season now. It's just that I thinkcompounds are now just as bad. Honestly,each and every oneof the nightmarish things we were afraid was going to happen 35 years ago, as they were trying to legalize the compound for bow seasons, have all now come to pass. We lost that battle then, which has set us up to lose the crossbow battle now.

I truly believe the battle IS lost and there is no way of carrying on the fight without coming off as a flaming hypocrite.

One thing I can tell you for fact though. Even when they are eventually legalized in bow season here, I'll continue to use my crossbow in the way I've always used it. In gun season, where I think it belongs.
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Old 01-21-2006, 08:17 PM
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Default RE: Got the Jones!

Hope that shoulder gets well soon Art! I can relate--I haven't layed of shooting due to an injury, I just haven't had nearly enough time. Got to gear up real soon--got my first state championship (GA) coming up in March, and I got a run going there. Took first the year before last, took second last year (tied for first until the last station--arrgghh!), so I guess I'll be gunning for third this year--lol.

Good answer on the crossbow question. I have never owned one, but I've shot two or three. They were fun, but I got bored with them real quick. Rather shoot a .22--don't have to pick up the bullets, and didn't have to be nearly as selective with my targets (shootincones off of a pine treeor balls off of a sweetgum could get expensive, not to mention dangerous, with a crossbow).

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Default RE: Got the Jones!

Get well soon AP.
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Default RE: Got the Jones!

Thanks for your honest & concise answer Arthur. I think you're right & we've lost the battle. Ky commission has just recently voted em instarting next year, so yet another state has fallen.
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Default RE: Got the Jones!

Hope you get better Arthur!!!!!

As far as xbows...... I believe they are just one more step to having one general season with no distinctions between weapons.... The ONLY thing that will keep that from happening is big money manufactures who stand to lose money if the season goes general.....
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Default RE: Got the Jones!

Sorry to hear about the shoulder Art, hope you get well soon. And my wife and I know what you mean about Doctors.
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