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ElkhuntingFool 02-11-2002 02:57 PM

Couple of Questions
1. I found a Browning Backdraft for $200 - new - needs limbs replaced and string since some bonehead dry fired it. Is this a good price and is this a good bow

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages with split limbs?


Arthur P 02-11-2002 05:25 PM

RE: Couple of Questions
NO! It is not a good price. I wouldn't give that much for the thing if it was in pristine condition. Certainly not after being dry fired.

There is a very good possibility that a lot of other stuff is wrong with it as well. The axles could be bent. The cams could be bent. Even the riser could be bent. The bow is no longer in production, so getting parts for it would be likely be a major league pain.

I have to say this is one deal to run and hide from.

About split limbs.. I've had two bows with split limbs and have had no problems with them. Only thing I didn't really care for was the ocassional twig that would get hung up between the limbs while I was trying to sneak through brush. I still prefer solid limbs, but have no real reason to dislike splits.

FLHunter 02-11-2002 07:12 PM

RE: Couple of Questions
If you want a good used bow there are deals available. Try classifieds there are many deals available.

Aim Hard!

muzzyman88 02-11-2002 10:04 PM

RE: Couple of Questions
I would not even consider that bow. Its been dry fired, so who knows what else is wrong with it. For 200 bucks, you could add another 100 and buy a pretty decent new bow.

As for split limbs, I have a split and a solid limb bow and both shoot fine. The only advantage to split that I am aware of is weight. But the weight difference is really not noticable.

PABowhntr 02-12-2002 06:05 AM

RE: Couple of Questions
You are going to get a "no" from me as well. Base price for the Backdraft was only $300 to start with.

Not to mention the fact that Browning had a problem with the limb pockets on the Backdraft during the first two years of production.

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