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How to adjust this sight?

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How to adjust this sight?

Old 06-12-2012, 01:13 PM
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Default How to adjust this sight?

This sight has "third axis adjustability" and I understand what that at least means. But what is the process to adjust this? I do seem to cant the bow a bit at full draw, but I'm not positive if I'm supposed to just square the bubble in the level, or if I'm supposed to be adjusting the level to fit where I am at full draw. I'm not sure where the line is between what is a form/technique error that I'm making, and what is meant to be adjusted out by this "third axis adjustment" and how to actually make the adjustment on the site physically. Any help would be great.


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Old 06-14-2012, 08:17 PM
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Most 3rd axis aren't adjustable, (my HHA isn't) and really should only be used as a quick reference to spot any canting. I rarely look at mine, i've seen the guys at my local pro-shop cover them up so the new shooters they're teaching don't get distracted by them.
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Old 06-15-2012, 12:25 AM
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I think a way is to get a level door frame, (target sight only method) place your sight bar level with the door frame, adjust 2nd axis there, point your scope at the ceiling and check it again. It would be wondering if doing it at full draw will have that much difference than doing it in a vice. If you are shooting to the left on downhill shots, you need to turn the level (sight body) away from you and if you are shooting to the left on uphill shots the opposite is true. @Stapher is right with his thought.


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Old 06-17-2012, 10:23 AM
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I hope this helps.

2nd axis on your sight is basically making sure the bubble level
on your sight reads level when the bow is vertical.

This presumes that your string is vertical when the bow is also vertical.
You essentially figure a way to hold your bow vertical (use a bow vise),
and then check to see that your bubble level in the sight is also reading vertical.

If not, then adjust the bubble level with the 2nd axis adjustment,
to make the bubble level on your sight read level, when the bow and bowstring are vertical.


Ok, so now we understand what 2nd axis is on your sight.

So, what is 3rd axis?

Remember your sight ring is on a threaded rod?

Well, what if the entire sight ring was mounted on a door hinge?

Yup. What if the entire sight ring could swing like a door?
You could swing the door towards you or away from you.

Well, let's say we swing the door towards you 45 degrees.
The bubble level still reads level, i.e., the threaded rod is still horizontal.

You know what will happen on a steep uphill shot?
Even if you aim uphill, and your bow is not tilted left or right,
the bubble level will lie to you and force you to tilt your bow.

Try this with a 24-inch level. Hold the level in your hand so that it is still horizontal, but the angle between the level and your arm is 45 degrees, as if you swung a door towards you. Raise your arm towards the ceiling.
The bubble level will not stay in the middle.

Adjust the third axis on your sight is the same as adjust the door swing so that it is 90 degrees.


3rd axis will affect uphill shots (NFAA field rounds) or downhill shots (from a treestand).

Imagine that your sight ring is a door. If you bump your sight ring into a tree, the sight ring may bend towards you like swinging a door closer to your face. Let's say the sight ring "door" opened towards you 45-degrees. The bubble still reads level when you hold the riser straight up and down.

Now, hang a weighted string from the ceiling.
Kneel down on your knees, load an arrow in a safe spot, come to full draw and anchor.
Line up the weighted string with the left edge of the riser and your limbs.

Take a look at the bubble.
The riser and limbs are vertical because you are lined up with the weighted string.
If the sight ring threaded rod is bent towards you or away from you,
the bubble will not read level even though you are not canting the bow.

Adjusting the 3rd axis of a bow restores the sight ring door swing
back to 90 degrees, perpendicular to the sight frame.
The best way to check is kneeling down on your knees,
aiming up at a weighted string hanging from the ceiling.

If your sight has 3rd axis adjustment, then adjust away.

If you sight does not have 3rd axis adjustment,
you will need to use shims to adjust the entire sight or just the sight ring.
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