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gtownbuckbuster 10-16-2008 06:45 PM

ok so im still fairly new to bow huntin so what exactly does tuning mean and what needs to be adjusted and how???

Mobobender 10-16-2008 10:14 PM

RE: tuning
Well here goes! You've come to the right place for good FREE information, however if there is a good bowshop in your town spend as much time there as possible! Every tinker from the target archer with a three foot stablizer to the bow hunter that wears camo PJ's will be there and will be glad to offer help. Then what you read here on this forumwill make sense. To prove my point without bragging, I walked into mylocal shopand within less thanone yearI became one of three shop shooters. You owe it to yourself and to to the critters you hunt!! So good luck and happy reading!

Dryridge 10-17-2008 01:12 AM

RE: tuning
Gtown, The term tuning means a myriad of adjustments on the bow/rest/limbs/arrows, etc... that cause the arrow to leave the bow at it's best possible flight path.

To go into what all gets tuned would just be too much. You learn by doing and watching and listening to others. I woud recommend, like Mobobender, that you go to a reputable shop or better yet join a winter indoor shooting league and you will soon be on your way to learning.


Dave S (Dryridge )

peregordusmc 10-17-2008 10:22 AM

RE: tuning
I know how you feel. Growing up i got into bow hunting as my own interest. no one in my family bow hunted so i was a self taught bow hunter. And i didnt have a local pro shop where i grew up. So i just read where i could and used common sense in figuring out how to get good groups. Then about a year ago while i was in the military and over seas i came across this web site. I have learned so much about tuning a bow. Just from reading other peoples post and asking questions. I have sent a lot of private messages to people asking them different questions and i normally get more information than i was looking for. Everyone on here is more than happy to help every become a better archer. Like it has been said already tuning is just basically adjusting different things to get the best possible flight out of you arrow for better accuracy. Somethings you need to read on is arrow spine, arrow fletchings, anything and everything about the rest, paper tuning, walk back tuning (which i just learned about), group tuning, sights, fletching clearance, stabalizers, string suppressors, different fletchings (feathers vs vanes), and shooting form. These are just somethings to start looking at and as you search for these things you will find other things you will need to know. Dont get discouraged i know it seems like a lot to know but trust me once you get great groups and you start out shooting friends cause they dont take the time to learn and they start asking you questions then it makes it worth it. Not to mention when the buck of a life time walks in and you have the confidence to hit a dime on him at 20-30-maybe even 40 yards it will be worth all the time spent on this website as well as others and if you have the chance all the time you will spend in a pro shop. Good luck to you and if you have any other questions during your search remember every one here will help in any way they can. Theirs a lot of wise and experienced archers on here.

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