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What is the best type of arrow rest drop away or not
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For hunting the whisker biscut is still the king.
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A prong rest with a spring blade launcher is what most of the pro target archers use. I don't know that I would want to use one for hunting though.

Drop a ways work well, especially with skinny arrows and radical fletchings. I don't personally think that they are the cure all for tuning and form problems though. In my opinion most are not any more forgiving than any other rest that is set up properly. Some may even be a bit worse. The drop a ways biggest advantage is fletching clearance. The only cure for bad form is better form.

And just because you have a drop a way doesn't mean you won't have fletching contact or perfect arrow flight. They still have to be adjusted properly and timed correctly in order to work right.

The WB is a decent rest for spot and stalk hunting, great arrow containment. I personally don't care for them though. I believe there is a VERY long thread about them if you care to read it. Nothing wrong with them, I just don't personally care for messing with them for normal shooting or stand hunting.

Some of my best shooting has been done with a 20 dollar TM prong rest. They work just great when set up correctly. Switching to a $100 fancy drop a way didn't improve my scores any, or get me anymore deer.

So to answer your question on what is the best rest. I would say which ever one you are happy and confident with. They all work when set up correctly.

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I personaly prefer the QAD Ultra Rest. It has all the advantages of the wisker bisquit, but none of the draw backs. Its a total containment drop away rest. Doesnt get any better than that.
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Default RE: Rests

trophy taker is the best drop away
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WB is very finicky to set-up and if you do not maintain form it will show in the shot. It's alsoan accurate rest if you are. Even though I've had someone tell me they are not accurate past 30 yds. I've shot arrows at 53 yds during tuning and they hit the center mark. If you use proper form it hits where you aim. If you do something wrong you will know it by the arrow flight and contact point. Not that the arrow goes flying off 5 ft from your aim point.

You can never go wrong with aprong rest(not spring)if you want to keep it simple. Simple to set-up. Simple to adjust. Been around a long long time.

I agree with what Paul is saying about the drop away. The theory behind them is that the rest clears so the arrow does not hit it during a "poor form" shot. In some ways it helps disguise problems that you have in form or equipment. And instead of addressing those issues you just ignore them. However, there area lot ofpeople with good formand properly tuned bows that use them.And they are probably the quietest due to least amount of contact with arrow.

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trophy taker is the best drop away
Compared with what? How many rests and what type have you tried?

Two years ago I had nine different ones on my bow in two months. If set up properly there isn't a hill of beans difference in any of them.
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I love my trophy taker, but you will have to see what is good for you. If you go with a drop away get some mole skin to cover it, I dont like the noise of the draw with out it.
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There is no best. It is all on opinion,it is what you like. Go to the pro shop and check them all out and see which one your like the most.
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Two years ago I had nine different ones on my bow in two months. If set up properly there isn't a hill of beans difference in any of them.
If they're all the same why did you try so many? Do you just like trying new stuff out or really enjoy tuning your bow? Just curious.

I'm going to be using the QAD LD this year. I like the fact that you get good fletching clearance because it's a dropaway. It's full containment which is nice for hunting, and you can keep it in the up and locked position if you let down.

Like the others have said, you still have to set it up right and tune everything.
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