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bow sights

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Default bow sights

wat do u recomend? 3 pin or 5 pin sight??

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Default RE: bow sights

a simple solution would be to get a nice brite 5 pin were you can take 2 out and add them back later if you if your bow is shooting 270fps 0r faster i would go with a single pin slider sight like hha.set it for 25yrds and you are good to go out to 30 or a little over to hit the kill zone.i assume you are needing a sight for hunting.on the three pin go with 20,30 and 40 that should be plenty.
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Default RE: bow sights


wat do u recomend? 3 pin or 5 pin sight??

It really depends on what your going to be doing with your bow... And the speed you bow is, and how far are you going to shoot.. Hunt only, 3D, indoor????
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Default RE: bow sights

Neither. 2 years ago I went to a single pin mover and will never, ever, ever go back.
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Default RE: bow sights

Why would you ever need a 5 pin?
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Default RE: bow sights

5 pins are a little much. Depending what your hunting most likely a 3 pin is plenty.
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Default RE: bow sights

HHA single pin slider sight is the only way to go with todays high speed bows in my opinion.
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Default RE: bow sights


Why would you ever need a 5 pin?
In order to answer this question you must first realize that some people like to shoot and do shoot at distances beyond 40 yards for practice. Some of us actually practice at distances out to 60-70 yards. This is where those extra pins may come in handy.

Not everybody limits their practice sessions to such short ranges under 40 yards. There are those of us who do a little more than just hunt.

There are a lot of ways to accomplish the practice and hunting use of sights. In the past one of my favorites was to have two identical sights that fit a dovetail mount. Many pins for the 3D and practice done during about 9 months of the year. Then just change out the sight for hunting, this one with only one or two pins, depending on the setup and how I fel a particular year.

Now, for about the last three years I've been using an HHA OL-5000, single pin adjustable that covers just about all I want to do with a hunting bow. IMO this is one of the most well built sliders money can buy. No plastic, a very well protected steel pin, lifetime warranty.
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Default RE: bow sights

I currently have an old set of Tru-Glo 3 pin sights on my new bow. They work but I am also looking for something better.

Here is a new type ofsight that has really caught my eye....
Trophy Ridge Mantis pendulum sight. This can also be mounted lefty or righty.

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Default RE: bow sights

I have a 3 pin trophy ridge nitro extrme vertical pin and love it
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