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Default NAP fall away rests

I don't think the NAP quik-tune fall-aways have been out all that long, but I shot one the other day and was impressed. It was on a "shop" bow and I have no idea how much trouble it was to set up or how durable it will be. Any body have experience with these? I've noticed they all have a following but none seem to be "concensus all-Americans".
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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

I bought the NAP2000 earlier this year and it now takes residence in my tackle box of archery gadget misfits.

Things I liked about it: The thought of zero fletching contact

Things I didn't like about it: It was noisy when shot (not on draw)
It had a tendancy to jump on draw (even with new and improved cable slide)
When transfered from old bow to new bow , the launcher arm set screw stripped (a little too easily) , but NAP was good about replacing it free of charge.
When shooting , I noticed alot of up & down fliers and after exstensive investigation , I found out the launcher arms weren't rising to the exact same location on every shot.
Although I think this rest has alot of potential with some custom modifications , I will not use it for hunting.

I'm sure alot of others have had good results , but I think more people need to fess up to the bad results also , so you can make an educated decision on purchasing one.

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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

There should be a couple other threads dealing with this rest. I had a QT2000 on my PSE, but took it off for hunting season. There are some clearance issues (riser shelf and the rest itself) if you don't take some serious time to set it up correctly. I really like the rest, but I'm much more accurate and it took allot less time to tune the whisker biscuit I had. Until after hunting season, I'm leaving the QT2000 in my box. Then I'll give it another try...
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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

Iam using a quicktune2000 on my hoyt havoctec. This rest is awesome on this bow! I did do a couple of modifications though, i drilled a hole into a bomar teflon slide, and screwed the threads and cap screw off of the nap slide, so i don't have any problems with a cable slide sticking. I also had a side plate mount that you use with nap rests for hoyts, so i use that mount instead for this rest since it is hoyt specific.

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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

I put the NAP QT2000 drop away on my Merlin Lite Storm. This is my first drop away rest and it works great. Like Bowfanatic said it is a little noisy. I adjusted it so that when I release it falls forward on a piece of rubber on the arrow shelf instead of stoping on its own. This quieted it down. I took some considerable time setting it up making sure the cable that holds it up a full draw was at the correct length.

It was easy to paper tune and I'm getting perfect arrow flight. My arrows hit within an inch of each other with or without fletchings. To me it looks a little more durable and compact than the MZE although I've never heard a MZE shooter complain about those things.


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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

I installed the NAP QT4000 just before our season started here in NJ and I love it. It did take a bit of fine tuning however: Initially I was rubbing the block and needed to "back up and lower" the unit; I put some mole skin on the shelf as to quiet down the release strike... that worked great- it's silent now; I drilled through the cable slide and installed the rest cable through it for a more secure fit. I hope that this helps, but would be very careful before you sart changing equipment at this time of year....you should wait until March or April to start experimenting.

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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

I have no experience with this rest. the best fall away I have found is the Mirage. As with anything else the best thing to do is to check them all out & see how you like them.
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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

I've been using the NAP 2000 & 4000s since they came out. I'm completely satisfied with them. I prefer the 4000, due to the micro adjustments. A little tinkering and they work great.

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&quot; Could you guys be quiet, my dad&#39;s trying to shoot.&quot; [:-]

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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

I installed my 4000 after the close of the regular deer season. I believe it's all in the tuning mine is super quiet. If there were any negative comment it would be that my broadheads now shoot EXACTLY where my target arrows do. Lost two arrows to broadheads messing them up and I have seven arrows that need to be refletched. I cannot shoot any arrows at the same spot on my target.

It is a wonderful rest and more than worth the time to do it right.

By the way after installing it [following instructions] the first two target arrows were dead bulls and the third arrow, a broadhead sliced through the vanes on the two target arrows. And that AIN'T too bad!

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Default RE: NAP fall away rests

I bought the 2000, liked it so much and bought the 4000 for micro adjustments. I have been shooting it since June.

Here is what I found. One, it is very quiet when shot. Just make sure its not contacting the riser. Also, NAP fixed the cable slide jumping problem it had earlier and now, super quiet on draw also. The rest is very accurate, and once setup properly, you will not have fletching contact at all.

As a hunting rest, its awesome. The included arrow holder that sticks fast to the shelf works great and with the outward pointing prongs, there are no worries of the arrow falling off, unless you shoot upside down.

I have been hunting with it for a week now, and so far, not a problem from it. Seems very solid and durable.

I highly recommend this rest.
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