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Default Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

After the season this year I think I'll buy a new bow. It looks like Bowtech would definitely be a company worth giving a try. I am leaning toward the Black Night 2, but have also given thought to the Patriot. Any opinions on these? I've read some older posts, but thought I'd see what people brought up now.

Also, has anybody used a BK2 with the Zero Effect? If so does it shoot well? I would like to transfer that onto my new bow when I buy it.

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Default RE: Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

I have had my Patriot since March and the love affair is still as strong today as it was on the first day.

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Default RE: Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

I have the BKII and did own the Patriot.

I love them both..but if you can, you should wait for 2003's...

However, Bowtech has a nice rebate going on now with the 2002's..either way it's a win-win <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

Anyhoo..I had about 10 bows this year, and I sold everything but the BKII option II. Super fast, extremely accurate, and surprisingly pleasant to shoot. Phenomenal bow.

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Default RE: Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

Arrowguy, I have a Patriot and a P38 dual cam (very similar to the BKII). They are two very different bows. The Pat is quieter, though the P38 is plenty quiet for hunting. The Pat has less recoil, but the P38 is easy on the shot, also. A guy who shot the P38 was surprised at the &quot;friendly nature&quot; at the shot. He expected his hand to fly off when shooting such a fast, dual cam bow. The P38 has a better draw cycle, IMO. Smoother. The Pat has more valley, harder wall. Personally I like less valley. My Pat is set at about 70% let off. The P38 is 65%. Very short valley. Both are 60# bows. The P38 is much faster. Still easy to shoot accurately. Are you beginning to see here that I like the P38 more? Both are excellent bows for hunting or 3D.

&quot;Could you guys be quiet, my dad's trying to shoot.&quot;
&quot; Could you guys be quiet, my dad&#39;s trying to shoot.&quot; [:-]

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

I'll go along with what the guys above have said......Like Phil I also own the Pro38 Dual Cam, and yeah its pretty comprable to the 2002 BKII.
I also still have a Patriot coming, and shoot one about everyday as my best friend has one.
They're both just awesome bows and the head of their respective classes IMO.
I shoot a Zero Effect on my Pro38 Dual and it works OUTSTANDING!!.....and is much easier to set-up and works betetr than it does by a long shot VS on the Patriot.
The ZE on the Pat is really touchy contrary to what Muzzy says.....I've helped set up a few, and even followingh their directions to a 'T&quot; and also trying some homecooking you BARELY get fletch clearance........low profile vanes are almost a must otherwise you are burning feathers and larger vanes.

Anyway, because of the longer slide travel due to a less parallel limb angle, the Zero Effect works great on the Pro38 Dual and the BKII, and is a big help in arrow tuning when you are talking the speed and power that bow produces.
I can absolutely drive tacks with mine.

The Pat is obviously gonna be a bit more &quot;treestand friendly&quot; but the BKII isn't unwieldy by any means. Jeff shoots his from a ground blind....

You wouldn't be sorry either way......

I forgot to mention......with the BKII or Pat.....or really any BowTech bow, you will want to mount your Zero Effect swing arm in the 3rd hole to give you the most leverage in getting the rest arm high enough into launch positon, and still low enough to get it below the arrow shelf.........set up properly the ZE on a BKII the hook arm will be just barely below the arrow shelf at rest, and the high position level with the berger holes.

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Default RE: Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

I've had my 2001 bk2 for about 8 mth's and absolutely LOVE it.I've only been shooting bows for 2 1/2 years and I know that my form and shooting habit's aren't the best.However,I can hold my own when shooting.Since I purchased this bow I have won 1 third,6 seconds and 1 first place,sorry I had to brag.My bow is setup as follows;'01 bk2 optn 2,set on 60lbs,28&quot; draw,flatliner x-treme 5 pin,bodoodle pro lite,alpine softloc 5,27.5&quot; G.T.7595's weighted to 485 grain launching at 260 fps.Absolutely AWESOME.GOD Bless,jtpepper

Take a kid hunting,for their sake
Take a kid hunting,for their sake
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Default RE: Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

I own a patriot and a BK2 both with zero effects . Both are excellent bows .Matt is right about the set up on the patriot with a zerro effect someone with exreriance should do it as its a little tricky[ crossing the string and cable above the cabel slide is a good start as it will give you about 1/4' more movement ]. The BK2 with a zerro effect is awesome if you expect a great shooting bow it will be even better than what you expect .

If information provided by the members of this board have helped you please let us know .
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Default RE: Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

Bowtechs are coming on strong. I may have to check into them hre soon! the BK 2 is a super fast bow & I have heard nothing but good about it.

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Default RE: Bowtech Black Knight 2 ?

I love my Bowtech, but make sure you try that Black Knight 2 out well before buying it. A buddy of mine just put his up for sale. It's a great bow and super fast, but it's not the most forgiving design in the world. It's got a short brace height and those cams have NO valley to speak of. He just bought a Patriot and is much, much happer. He loved the BK2 for targets, but not for hunting.

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