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Default Why??????

If your broadheads are shooting lower than your field points of the same weight, why is it recommended that you lower your nocking point? Wont this also move the point of impact for the field points? I dont understand the dynamics behind this.
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Default RE: Why??????

Well even if the bheads are the same weight as the field points they wont always fly the same so u have to get sighted in again with the bheads.
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Default RE: Why??????

If your bow is perfectly tuned, they ought to be real close. Check out Easton's tuning guide for starters.
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Default RE: Why??????

I think the theory is that the field points will be less effected by the movement than the broadheads, so with a bit of adjustment they will come together. If the arrow is leaving the bow a bit askew, the field point will recover faster than a broadhead & hit differently.
If you move the rest towards the field points in slight increments the broadheads should move more than field tips. Often for me the ammount of adjusting needed is very little, less than 1/32" if the bow is close to in tune.
I feel my bow is tuned pretty good if they both hit together & while I'm no expert by any means the things I shoot at in the field usually end up in the freezer.
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Default RE: Why??????

Pretty much what Leverdude said. I'll only add that the reason the broadhead arrows move more when adjusting is because the blades catch wind, planing in the process. When they are very close to leaving the bow straight then there is little to no planing, thus they should hit the same place as points wiithout blades.
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Default RE: Why??????

I think Leverdude and BGFisher have hit the nail right on the head with this one . Great info guy's .

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Default RE: Why??????

Leverdude is correct , when you move your rest slightly [1/32 quoted] your field tipped arrows should move 1/4 to 1/2 an inch at twenty yards , but your broad heads might move an inch or 2 in the same direction , if they don't react that way , you may have a weak spine issue or a torquing issue , allthough I usealy find thats shows itself in a right/left problem . Sounds like you just need to slightly lower your nocking point , or raise your rest .
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Default RE: Why??????
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