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Taxidermy Tips and questions about taxidermy and the art of preserving the memory of your hunt.

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Default bear mounts

How Long does it take to do a half bear mount?
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there is NO set time on how long, as there are too many variables beyond your control at times, are you a taxidermist and wanting to know how long it takes on average for a taxidermist to do the work
or are you a customer wanting to know how long a wait is TOO long> or the likes?

if your a taxidermist, the things to consider will be, how well of condition the bear came into you> how well cape is and what work is needed to fix any damages
next will be do you tan your own hides, or do you send them out
if you do your own, you know the time needed, if you send it out,m your at the mercy of who does them for you!

next will be forms, anything special need to be done, or basic plain jane here??

then comes HOW detailed you want to be on the bear, how elaborate the setting will be your placing it in, or on??

if your a customer waiting on a return of a bear
the sky is like the limit on time, HOW much work does SAID Taxidermist have to do, deer, and others, HOW far down the list are you?
how skilled if the taxidermist your having do the work, what all are you asking them to do for you with bear>

ON average I would say a yr is about right, some run longer some can be done a LOT shorter.
normally when you drop an animal off your givin a time frame, if it runs past that, time to start getting on them and calling every so often, if they have honest reasons for running late, OK< if not<<
a lot of horror stories are out there

a good taxidermist can be like a rare things, lots do so so work, some do BOTH good and bad at same time and never know what your getting
the truly skilled one' that ONLY do GREAT work, are NOT the norm, it pays to do your homework BEFORE killing an animal, and WAY before GIVING your trophy to one!

so, more info you give maybe better answer here you will get>?
best of luck to you either way
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I shot a bear back in the first week of October 2016, I might have it back this October, getting a 3/4 mount
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I agree with a year being average. Could be up to two years. I would be suspicious if it was done under 6 months.
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