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Default What are your opinions about arrow lube and arrow removal?

Im an average guy, not going to lie, sometimes i still have trouble pulling arrows from my rhinehart rhino target. My arrows go in pretty deep even at 30-50 yrds. So what lubes would you recommend? Also which arrow removers are the best? Ive been told there are mechanical removers
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I wouldn't waste money on specialized arrow lubes, silicone spray or armorall works just fine. I only treat the front end of my shafts so I can get a better grip on the tail end. The cheap key-ring clamshell style arrow pullers work well for me, my wife has a plier style one that I forget where we got it, works well for her, but makes me nervous.

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Default Don't have much trouble with...

my thinner home made construction foam/used newspaper target. But I do keep handy a couple of rubbery jar cap removers. The cost fits the target real good. I'd hate to use an arrow remover that cost as much as the target.
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Carbon arrows generate heat when shot into foam targets causing the foam to bond to the arrow. For tough to pull arrows I purchased the Hamskea Arrow Jac. I have used the rubber type arrow gripper, but found the Hamskea Arrow Jac superior.
All the best.
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Rub a little soap on the end of shaft
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Agree with Mike. I always steal the little hotel soaps just to rub on my arrows. Makes a huge (cheap) difference.
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you can also use basic car wax on them , but keep in mind, easier out might also make them go in deer with coating a shaft to slide more?? works both ways NO?
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Pam spray works too. Don't use on arrows for hunting (scent)
Bob R.
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Yep on the soap. I always have one of those little "seeds" of soap that just won't give up laying in the bow case. IF they get stubborn I'll just give them all a little rub and it's good for I don't know how long. So it's long enough.

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