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Some old Pictures

Old 04-27-2008, 09:22 PM
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Default Some old Pictures

Just some old pics I thought you all might get a kick out of.
American Indoor Archery Championship At cobo Hall, 1970.

Shooting the Golden Eagle, 1972, I gained a few pounds in those 2 years.

A 30 yard robbin hood. Thats a Carroll Bow and it was a shooter, well till it broke in half (right in the handle) and hit me on top of the head!

My cousin Keith on the left, him and his sonmanaged to claim aNFAA title. He used to get right up the crack of my butt hoping I would drop an X, even if no one else was in the range.

TFOX, this was at Pleasant Valley Archey Club down your way around 1983 or 4.
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Default RE: Some old Pictures

The Wife the first time she ever shot a compound. Shot 4 25's in a row, I asked her if she could do it again if I put up a fresh target and she said sure, and there it is.

Did not take her long to win the Womens Western Kentucky Bowhunter Championship.

Tracy Haifley,another State and NFAA Champion from our little club out in the middle of no where.

Joey Vaughn on the left, He also managed to scroung up a Vegas and several other state and national titles over the years. These days Joey is the owner of Stone Mountain Dokata Bowstrings. My oldest Son Johnny on the right with his special made bow Carroll Archery put together for him, notice the recessed riser. He shot overall high score for all classes at the Western Kentucky Bowhunter Championship with that thing, Also a state champ. He is 34 now.

And then theres RuttNutt (Zeb) and his first day with a new bow. He was hard to catch to give a haircut to back then, 16 years ago.
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Default RE: Some old Pictures

That's awesome stuff Sliverflicker. Thanks for sharing with us.
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Default RE: Some old Pictures

Thanks for sharing. Really great pics. Quite a bloodline of archers there.
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Default RE: Some old Pictures

Thats awesome... goes to show you, it's not the bow, it's the indian behind it.
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Default RE: Some old Pictures

Great stuff,was the picture of your son and Joey Vaughn at Pleasant Valley also? Looks like it.

They don't have the straw anymore.Thay have a little better back stop now.

Was Bob Ross shooting there with you back then?He had a wooden leg and would walk every course and refused to compete in the handicap classes.He was also an old string walker.

He kinda got me into shooting.

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Default RE: Some old Pictures

I never come on this forum but I noticed these pics

These are some awesome photos
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Default RE: Some old Pictures

Man i enjoyed the hell out of those pictures Talk about bringing back 1980 something memories. Thank you for posting them nice shooting for back in the day. Man i used to have those hats with the bill board size patches on them The one with beach nut chewing tobaco was my favorite I even had helmet hair. Thanks again

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Default RE: Some old Pictures

This is me back in the 1970 with hair. I can't remimber where it was taken. I shot pro with a 37 lb. Caroll recurve. with fingersand had a 300 average indoors.

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Default RE: Some old Pictures

Those are some awesome pic's guys...
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