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Default Weimaraner??

I'm looking at either a Weimaraner or lab as an all around bird dog/family pet. I've been around labs most of my life and love them, but have a friend that wants to get rid of her Weimaraner. Are they good retirevers? How hard are they to train? How well do they react to small children poking and pulling on them? Thanks for any input.
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Default RE: Weimaraner??

I am a Lab man ,but freinds have 3 Weimaraners .

Yes they are good retrivers in warm but not the best in real cold ,short coat ,not a lot of under coat. Also don't have hair detween toes ,ice builds up and gives them probelems in the winter.

Great upland pointers.

They are a little harder to train than a lab IMO ,also more stuborn .

Around kids, 2 are great 1 is a little quick to growel if picked on .

I have hunted ducks with the male and my lab ,in the early season ,it had great drive to fetch the downed birds .
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Default RE: Weimaraner??

My friend's hubby decided he didn't want to part with the dog. Thanks to lab rescue of NC, I rescued a beautiful 6 month old female black Lab from a local shelter. It breaks my heart that someone could dump a pup at the pund because they can't handle the chewing, etc. I'm hoping that once she gets used to her new surroundings, she'll make a good bird dog. If not, I'll still have a great family pet. If anybody in the Raleigh, NC area is looking to save a lab, the Johnston County Animal Shelter has this little girls sister for a few more days. Then she will be put down like so many other dogs every day. I only have room in my house for 1 new dog, so unfortunately, I had to leave the other one and hope someone gets her before it's too late.
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Default RE: Weimaraner??

Wished I was in NC-I would go get the little sis-hope somebody claims her before she is sent to doggy heaven.
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Default RE: Weimaraner??

My daughter fell in love with the pup at first sight and named her Lilo. She appears to be house trained already as she only had one little oops last night when everybody got home. She slept next to my side of the bed all night without me waking up to ay puddles. She's still pretty timid especially around me when I get the leash to take her for her walks. I think her old daddy was the one who took her to the pound. She seems to be alright once we get outside and start walking. I'm hoping she comes out of her shell soon and starts acting like a puppy. She established herself as the alpha dog right away. My 8yo lab mix gets too close and she'll growl and snap at him. He's learning to give her plenty of room. Once she settles down, I'm gonna start working with her to hopefully turn her into my new hunting buddy...If I can get her away from my daughter long enough.
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Default RE: Weimaraner??

I grew up with Weimars, my dad was an avid bird and rabit hunter. They were fantastic dogs. We had a male and a female, Hiedi and Theo. They were both great around me and my little brother, put up with alot of crap from us when we were todlers as far as ear and tail pulling. When they were working they didnt mind the cold to much but it definatly wasnt there favorite, the cold wether that is. They are a great multi purpose dog, pointer,retreiver,pet,family gaurdian. I do remember not being real fond of strangers, kinda aloof or stand offish. I would get another one in a heart beat if i didnt already have jack russels. My jacks are fantastic hunters, not the best at retreiving, my doves always come back alittle pre plucked and tenderized, as far as finding quary they are awesome.I went rabit hunting this past year and got 4 rabits it 2 hours and only had to shoot 1 my t jacks got the other 3 for me it was awesome to watch them work.
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Default RE: Weimaraner??

Weimars are great hunting dogs and family dogs. They are not stubborn as a breed but they are some of the smartest dogs I have ever owned and trained. However as has been said they have very short hair so to have them retrieve from water is tough on them. I shortened ones life by having him retrieve ducks and yes break ice. I would highly recommend them but it is cruel to do what i did by using them in the water. I hunted pheasants and grouse when I had Weimars and never saw any problem with ice between the toes and I hunted in snow every year when I had them. When they are hunting the cold does not seem to bother them. It is just too much to ask an dog like that to break ice. That is what good labs are bred for.
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