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picking the best dog for me (first timer)

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picking the best dog for me (first timer)

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Default picking the best dog for me (first timer)

Hello, I am new on the forum and I joined with a very specific quest in mind, a quest with so many aspects that just reading info online doesnt ease my mind. Wich dog to choose for my situation and how to train them.

First of all i live in central Finland (not finnish by origin) but i will hopefully be hunting in other areas further away from civilisation. I am familiar with this kind of terrain and living out there. As i am picking up hunting as well I find that being alone out there waiting for a hare to ambush just isnt filling my belly let alone bringing back food to my family. Therefore iam looking into getting a dog and training it for my needs.

I am looking for a dog that will selectively and quietly follow tracks after being pointed directly at a visible track/tuft of fur on a branch/ you get my drift

finding such tracks independently and calling me over for further inspection is a pro but not a must.

I also want this dog to follow a blood trail after I lead them to an impact site.

The dog should not aproach game on their own accord, stopping moose is a pro but not a requirement. The dogs job is to either lead me directly to an active animal and stalk up quietly following my lead if i tell them to, or in the case of a bit older tracks lead me to an area the animal may frequent so i can set up an observation post in cover ideally 50-100m away. From there the dog should remain quiet and patient by my side alerting silently to any wildlife approaching from an unexpected angle. The dog will need to be able to withstand freezing cold and snow for days at a time(camping out with minimal comforts) and in an emergency find their own source of food (obviously not my intention ofcourse) and become an important survival tool.

Big predators may also be a concern in some of the regions I plan to hunt and I do not mean for my only companion on the trip to get mauled for being too brave, therefore a cautious but defensive attitude to bears, and wolves is very important.

So far this seems to point me at a Laika or some other spitz but iam hoping more experienced hunters can either confirm this or point me in a better direction.

Independent, obedient and intelligent enough to adapt to situations that deviate from training such as tracking an animal they havent encountered before in the field(after me pointing out a bit of fur or a track) Most or all reliable in a bad situation. No wandering of for hours while i have a broken leg in bear country haha

I have lots of fenced land to let the dog loose between hunts and i work on my own schedule so time investment is not an issue.
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