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To fix or not to fix

Old 03-29-2007, 09:18 PM
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Default RE: To fix or not to fix

ORIGINAL: Phil from Maine

That's not true. If a dog is not fixed and you own him, you can breed him all you want papers or not. Registries have no authority over dog owners who are not members of the registry. -MIKE
Maybe that way in your area, but, here if you choose not to fix it they will come and claim it back as it would be part of an agreement to have it fixed. For as far as hunting goes I do not see where it will matter much.
Idon't think it'sjust my area. There is no way in the world a registry can tell anybody what you can and can't do with your dogs if your dogs are not registered with their registry. Registries are not government entities. You might be thinking of shelters. They would indeedbe authorized to require spaying and neutering before allowing you to adopt one of their dogs, and some breeders may even use such a contract, but a dog registry has no authority whatsoever what you do with your unregistered dog, no matter what area you are in. The AKC cannot tell me what to do with my dogs if my dogs are not affiliated with the AKC. Same with any other registry. They are mine, and regardless of how responsible or not it may be, I could technically breed them all I want with whatever other dogs I want and nobody could tell me otherwise as long as I was following any rules or codes that might exist in my area through the government, homeowners association, etc.
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Default RE: To fix or not to fix

I just rescued an English Pointer from our local animal shelter
Yes in fact I am thinking of a shelter as it was stated in the first part of this subject. I was not reffering to any sort of registration requirements as that is up to the breeder and buyer agreement on what goes on.
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Default RE: To fix or not to fix

I gotcha phil. What you said makes sense when you quote that line rather than the one I posted. I was confused because you quoted my post, which was addressing someone who said you can't breed a dog if it is not papered. Have a good one and good hunting. -MIKE
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Default RE: To fix or not to fix

I would have the dog fixed unless you are wanting to breed it later. Having it fixed may calm it down if its a flighty dog. Personally, I've had hunting dogs that were fix and they hunted just as hard as those who were'nt
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