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Opinions on Spaniels

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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

Is it fair to a hunting dog to only get out 3 to 4 weekends a year?
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

Is it fair for a hunter to only get three or four weekends a year free? Should the hunter with limited time be forced to endure the pains of a less well bred dog? Does a hunting dog that is well bred even know when hunting season is, or does it just know it enjoys hunting when allowed?

Any dog, whether a well bred hunting dog, or mutt benefits from an attentive owner who trains, exercises, and properly cares for their dog. It might seem a waste to some people to see a good gun dog not getting the time afield it deserves, but the owner will enjoy his hunting more, which in all truthfulness will probably lead to the owner finding more time to go afield. So long as the dog is properly cared for in the down time there is no reason not to get the most well bred dog one can.

The flip side of the coin is that if one isn't able to properly care for their dog, then they've no business owning one. Even a mutt.
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

(Is it fair to a hunting dog to only get out 3 to 4 weekends a year?)

Not to be too sarcastic, but what number of weekends would be fair to the dog -- 8, 16, 32....? Using that logic, any dog that wasn't allowed to do the work it was bred for full time would be treated unfairly. Really, don't most of us have dogs that are more pet than tool? My worry is that some dogs are more tool than pet. I may be wrong, but I will err on the side of pet any day!
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

In my opinion there is no breed of dog better on pheasants than a Springer. They are big poison to em. I have hunted around a lot of them and based on what you are wanting, you would have a heck of a time finding anything better.
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

Springersthey are great little hunting dogs, we just had to put ours down in May she was a great hunting Dog and we had a terrible year for birds this season, but we are getting a new one in January and the puppies are due to be born tomorrow
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

I've hunted over Cocker Spainels, Brittany Spaniels, Springer Spaniels and German Shorthair dogs, all of which have some great qualities. I read somewhere in the responses that spainels are just flushers, but that is incorrect. As one of the other replys said, it's in the linage and training. I have a cocker spainel now that would rival any GSP as far as a point. Unfortunately, the cocker spainiel does not have the body size and/or strength for heavy or longer hunts. (Good for fence lines, draws, water ways, etc...) As far as the Brittany or Springer, both can be good pointers, although again it's in the training. As far as size and attitude, a Brittany or Springer would be a good fit...
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

I'd personally suggest either Brittany or English if you are going to get Springer. I'm not a big fan of Cockers due to from what i've heard and even seen.
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

I've got a field bred English Cocker. He's the perfect size to compliment my big yellow Lab. (they're stackable) Great little hunter and he can go all day (when it isn't hot out). Clumbers can get big - especially males. I've seen some get as big as 75 to 90 pounds. Barney is very well behaved in the house and when he turns it on he is all out and when he stops he is just a pile of fur on the carpet.
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

Brittanys can be sleep.......

Very Hyper........
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Default RE: Opinions on Spaniels

I would go with an English Springer... they are a little bit bigger but they are awesome family dogs and great hunters. They typically have a lot of energy when they are pups but grow to be very calm and quiet family dogs and are also great hunters. Here is a pic of my newest already looking for birds and only 10 weeks old...

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