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Help With Optics, please

Old 02-18-2019, 04:09 PM
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Default Help With Optics, please

First post. I actually joined so I could ask you guys this question.
I'm new to turkey hunting, but not to hunting. I've gotten to a time in my life where I'm able to get in the field a couple hundred times a year. Wasn't always the case.
I didn't care for my Gold 10, or my A400 20 gauge as turkey guns.
Recently purchased a Beretta 1310 competition model. Got a really great price on it. I've ordered an optima turkey choke, an Urbino pistol grip stock for it, and a waterfowl sling.

Optics are next!
I want to mount a Weaver Kaspa shotgun scope, and a Burris fast fire red dot. I'm having trouble figuring out how exactly to do this. I've seen a "stacked" arrangement (dot mounted on top of scope), and a configuration where the red dot is at a 45 degree angle to a scope.
Any thoughts on the preferred method? Also, any idea as to what mounting hardware I would need? And, where to get it.
I truly appreciate any help.

Good hunting.
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Welcome. Are you actually wanting to mount both the scope and the red dot on the same gun? Is there some kind of advantage to having both? Most dedicated turkey guns have one or the other if your not just using your bead.
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Keep in mind that you are shooting a shotgun and turkey hunting is generally a short range proposition. A lot of hunters just use the front bead. There is also the probability that you'll be hunting in the rain or snow, with extended periods of breathing hard, where an fogging up a lens could be a problem. You also may be called on to make a quick shot on a moving target. If your gun won't shoot to point of aim or if you just have to have one, put a scope or a red dot on it, but just one. In turkey hunting anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Keep it simple.
BTW welcome to the forum. Turkey hunting is addicting. Enjoy the addiction.

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Hi Midwest,
There are scope rings with small length of Picatinny or Weaver rail on top, which would allow for a red-dot stacked on the scope a la a 3-gun set up. BUT....I recommend to choose either the scope or the red dot like RPD63 stated. Last year, I topped my turkey gun with reflex red-dot. I was concerned about losing peripheral vision over the barrel, but that's likely a carry over from my skeet shooting.
Good luck. Let us know what you decided.
PS...turkey hunting is a disease.
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You can get life size turkey targets and see how you do at reasonable turkey ranges. Depending on your vision, you may not need a red dot sight. If you don't, it's just one less thing to lose or damage in the field.
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Burris has a modular system out, 3X (or 5X), reflex, and laser, TMPR https://www.burrisoptics.com/sights/...-sights-series. You can mix and match.
I recently mounted a Reflex on my shotgun and am now wondering why I didn't do it sooner. The old eyes are getting tired and the reflex makes aiming much easier.

Most newer shotguns either come with a Picatinny rail or are drilled for one. I have a saddle mount on my shotgun.

The good thing about the reflex is you can shoot both eyes open. Most of my shotgun shooting is instinct shooting, I never see the front bead, both eyes open. The transition was easy for me.

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I also have the Burris Reflex sight mounted on both my guns. An old Mossberg 835 and the new to me Stoeger M2000. The sight holds up great to the recoil and keeps its zero. The only complaint I have is the dot doesn't look round to me as I have an astigmatism.
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I have never used a Red Dot
I added a Vortex Sparc to a Steven's Model 310.

Loomis g to get that oatterned.

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go to sumtoy.com they make mounts for the FF3, also go to nitro ammunition, they have a list of which choke tube and which ammo to use in your particular gun. cost 50 bucks to have my franchi drilled, tapped, fitted and boresighted with the FF3.
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