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Since its still warm in VA...

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Default Since its still warm in VA...

Anyone change their strategies due to the warm days? Those who have been out when have you been seeing the most movement? I was out of town the first 2 weeks of archery... headin out on Sat. (Bow)
Those hunting public land... seen any pressure from other hunters? Or has the warm weather kept them out of the woods...
Thanks in advance
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

From what I've been hearing, the wicked heat and drought have made a lot deer go nocturnal. I still haven't been out bowhunting (yet) and hope to head out this coming weekend. Finally...

Edit: If it ends up being 82* degrees or higher, I'll going to head back home, put the bow away, and pick up my golf clubs and head to the course. This heatwave (and drought) is ridiculous for this time of year! [:'(]
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

My dad has been seeing a lot at his house. But the only pressure they get is from the 2 of usThey kinda consider our land a safe haven I guess. Most of my trailcam pics are all day time except a fox and 1 deer pic. All the stories and pics are on my site.
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

I've changed my strategy alright, I've elected not to waste my time bowhunting when it's this hot out. Instead of hunting today, I just did some target shooting with a few handguns. I've been out 3 times since the season started and they were morning hunts because that's the coolest part of the day. I saw 2 does on the first outing, none on the 2nd, and I had a deer snorting at me on the 3rd as I was rigging my stand in the darkness.

This is my 2nd year bowhunting and according to my records it was nearly this hot last year. If it doesn't cool off I'll just wait for muzzleloader and rifle seasons to fill the freezer.

A good strategy would be to hunt early and to hunt over a water source when it's hot out.
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

Hunt early & late when it's cool. Hunt an afternoon trail going to water. I've been out 3 times and have seen deer every time, this is in Fairfax and Prince William Co. and I've tagged one so far.
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

As the previous poster stated, hunt early and late. I took a doe on an afternoon last weekwhen it had cooled to 84. I saw a total of 9 deer on that particular hunt. I should have had #2 this morning but I got busted by another doe when I drew the bow. I have always believedthe weather affects ushunters muchmore than it does the wildlife.
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

Not really change but the weather that is moving to the east got the deer really active yesterday. We a forecasted for heavy, I can not think of that word, OH yeah RAIN on Fri. with a chance of sprinkle this evening. I went out yesterday and saw 7 does and 2 bucks. There were bucks hit on the side of the road like it was full rut. The does walked right on by and the bucks were together and did not seem to go in the same path as the does. I had a football game at 6:30 so I did not get to stay that long but for the couple of hours I was there it was very fun. Acorns are falling in this area and I think when the rut kicks in I am going to be alright.
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

We are forecast to get some rain here in south west VA on Friday. Havent changed strategy much but are seeing more deer in the evening.
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

I have been seeing a ton of deer, but they are definitely moving late (to the fields anyway). If you have any acorns hunt them, I have been seeing deer in the woods moving pretty normal(between 4:30 and 6:30 in the eveningand moving in the morning until about 1000). One thing to keep in mind is it seems so hot to us but the deer live outside year round it is not as big a deal as we make it out to be, they are moving somewhere. The public land in NCI have hunted three times since Sept. 8 I have seen 17 and the private piece I just started hunting in VA has produced 20 sightings, most well within shooting light.
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Default RE: Since its still warm in VA...

I've seen deer every evening late. I've held off taking a doe, had them eating acorns 5 yards from me. I'll take one or two eventually, but I wanna see what goes on during the rut first.
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Quick Reply: Since its still warm in VA...

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