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Default deer vs hog prints

I am on a lease that has hogs for the first time. I went out today for the first time and looked it over. Saw a lot of areas with tracks, that I think are deer, but I have heard that hog tracks look like deer tracks. Is this so, and if it is, how can you tell the difference? Never had to deal with the hogs before.
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Default RE: deer vs hog prints

hog tracks are always rounded and most of the time show the dew claws. the toes are real round .
deer are always long and narrower than hogs.look till you see a hog then looks at the track next to a deer. once you see the difference it is real easy to tell.
just takes pratice.my wife has hunted for years and still can't tell the difference,not to compare.[&:]
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Default RE: deer vs hog prints

For deer, does make a heart shaped track. Bucks toes generally run about parallel. Hogs usually have a rounder track, with toes pointed outward. An easy giveaway is to look how deep the track is. Hogs are very heavy, so they leave a deep track.
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Default RE: deer vs hog prints

dont be fooled st. barnard young hawgs will leave a track similiar to a small deer.....all hawgs are not heavy when theyre young but without a doubt you WILL know when you see a hawg track especially if its a good size hawg
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