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eating squirrel

Old 08-23-2004, 02:37 PM
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Default RE: eating squirrel

In addition to using Squirrel recipes, you can use almost any rabbit recipe, just double the number of animals you are using.

I like Hassenpfeffer. It takes two days to make it well, but it is ever so yummy once you are done...

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Old 08-23-2004, 03:41 PM
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Default RE: eating squirrel

When you are skinning your lil rat, dont get any fur on the meat.........its like it dont wanna come off! It sucks, thats the reason i dont hunt them to much time!
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Default RE: eating squirrel

ORIGINAL: killer243

well i don't want to get hell from everyone cause i didn't eat the squirrels god to me they are little varmonts (sp) do you eat coyotes, fox, prairie dogs or groundhogs?

i didn't write this thread to hear people bit%#h about me leaveing 5 or so squirrels a year lay in the woods you know how many little prairie dogs lay in a feild after one day of shooting them??? a lot.

sorry but if you are going to post about me leaveing a few squirrels lay please don't POST
cause i don't want to hear about it.

however i would like more info on cooking them
i grew up out west and we use to shoot the heck out of them all the time, they're not even considered a game animal and are open season all year long with no bag limits so we considered it target practice ...never heard about anyone eating them until i moved out east.
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Old 08-27-2004, 05:04 PM
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Default RE: eating squirrel

theres no way i will ever eat a squirrel, its a tree rat. Im not trying to start any thing i dont care if you eat it. its just my $0.02
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Default RE: eating squirrel

Guys, please think about how the anti gun/ hunter crowd could get from your posts! Please, i dont want the Antis to have anything else in their liar arguments against us.
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Default RE: eating squirrel

Ah your killing squirrels and just wasteing the meat, what a shame. Go to and click on recipes to learn how to cook them. I submited the ones by Ronnie atkeson but I just took them out of a cook book Just have someone fry them up like you would chicken and add potatoes,gravy,eggs, and biscuits and your in heaven.
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Default RE: eating squirrel

they are very scrumptious (how ever you spell it). I cook them like a turkey back them for a bit but then through em on the grill
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Default RE: eating squirrel

Throw em in a pot and boil em for awhile and throw em in a crock pot with some taters and onions, they come out yummy
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Default RE: eating squirrel

There is no way in hell I would eat a squirrel when there is so much better out there.But to each his own.
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Default RE: eating squirrel

mmmm.....squirrel......they are delish..i love eating squirrel, and i love hunting them
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Quick Reply: eating squirrel

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