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how come??

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Default how come??

how come noone ever talks about shooting turtles??pond turtles that is .ther kind of tricky to hunt. some times only offering an inch or two to aim at.they dont always set on log in full view like some might think.i know water is a ricketche hazerd. you have to know the erea the pool is in and have burm or dam as a back can and often does lead to several hours of exelant shooting fun. try it
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Default RE: how come??

It's illegal here , and also very dangerous if a bullet riccochets downrange . Are you eating these turtles that you're shooting , or just leaving them to pollute the water ?
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Default RE: how come??

Heck, I'll talk about HUNTING snapping turtles! It's getting near that time of year again too! We DO eat them, if we can get big enough turtles to keep, and only keep two or three... enough for one meal. We go around about this time of year with two things: A rake handle with a nail and a corn knife (or machete). We poke underneath crick banks (there IS a difference between cricks and creeks, by the way) until we hear or feel the nail scratch a turtle shell. Then, if the turtle is large enough (around 25 pounds), we get him to bite the end of the handle. We then pull him up, lop off his head with the corn knife, STAY AWAY FROM THE HEAD, and keep going down the crick. But, in the last few years, we haven't kept any, we just did a "catch and release" kind of thing, we get them on land and let them go. The big ones are getting harder and harder to find and it takes years before the little ones get big enough to take. So, we'll end up doing the catch and release thing until we start noticing a lot more large ones... if we see that 8 of 10 turtles are in teh 25 pound range, we'll start keeping one or two again.
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Default RE: how come??

Hav'nt done it in years but I had a ball hunting snapping turtles with a bow when I was a young lad. Nothing like reeling in a 30# snapper that does'nt want to be reeled in. They make very good soup too.
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Default RE: how come??

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Default RE: how come??

because i trap them not shoot them.
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