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we have a problem on our property with dogs running deer we have shot some but recently got into trouble for it and we were fined a substanial amount and might be at risk for a civil suit anyways we would still like to get rid of the dogs so our plan is to live trap em then send them to the pound hoping that they are "put down"
my question is does anyone know of a way to trap slighty domesticated dogs or ideas/designs on building traps for and animal the size of a labrodor? or beagle? (i know i cant spell)
p.s we maneged to call a pack of them in while coyote hunting and shot the one that looked like coyotes but there are alot of beagles that we cant play off as an "accindental shot"
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Default RE: pests

nothin is worse then pet owners not controlling there pets, I to have had problems in the past not with dogs an deer but with dogs a my horses, the neighbors dogs would chase my horse's about every day. to went a asked the pet owners to keep an eye on there pets an that the were chasin my horses. This went for about a wee then the dogs were back, so the next morning i shot 3 of there dogs with my .06 loaded up the bodies an took them back to the owners an drop them off in there yard. anyway have you talked to the local game an fish.?
the sheriff.? wish i could help, JmP
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Default RE: pests

i wish i knew who owned the dogs but they just run without tags and they arent really to friendly so i think they have gone kinda wild i have talked to the sheriff and the dnr they both said to not shoot the dogs which i already knew after shooting one that i knew who owned it then have charges pressed
(not fun) so i wont do that again but i want to do somthing we have a trap built that is basically a VERY large cage trap with a pretty simple lock on it its baited and set with you guessed it dog food so i will see how that turns out i was just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with dog or what are some of your ideas on getting rid of em with out shooting them
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We have a trap used in the southern part of the province called a foot snare. It was originally designed to take coyotes and timber wolves in cubby sets. There might be some similar versions of this trap available in the States that you could use. It live traps the animal by snaring it in the foot and causes little or no damage to the target. It never took off in the north because snow fall covering the pan and snare portion of the trap would render the trap ineffective.
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Default RE: pests

funny u asked about a large live trap since i just finished mine!

too bad u dont have livestock....or do u? around here outside the city limits if any animal comes on your land and threatens your livestock...even if it has a collar and tags...even if its friendly....u are allowed to shoot it as long as u are taking safe shots. so if there chasin wild game all ya gotta do is drag the dog close to yer pen or barn if ya got one and call the sheriff and say it was tryin to kill your livestock.

my uncle thought u werent allowed to shoot dogs until an OPP told him he could...that was 4 or 5 yrs ago and at least 15-20 dogs have ate lead

as for the trap here is the link:

i just made mine half that size since its for trapping only (6ft x 2.5ft x 2ft) and it has been tested on a purebred german sheperd so my sizes should be good enuf for u. the plans arent too great but it gave me enuf of an idea (im 18 years old so anybody should be able to do it) i just had to think bout sum things that they didnt describe good enuf. it cost me $70 canadian to make it so its quite a bit cheaper that the store bought ones which run u bout $250-$300. BTW....$50 of that was for a 50ft roll of the fencing and u only actually need like 15ft of the 4ft wide stuff. bastards wouldnt cut it off so i had to buy the whole roll....


PS. PM me if ya got any questions.
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