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Default Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think alot of people have problems with BEVERS! I no i do. I have tryed a few methods, like we blew the dams up, i have tryed the 30-06 method,.22 method, and a few other ones(with a permit). Just woundering if any one else has this proble and how they handle it?
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Default RE: Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would break the entire dam out then once the water level drops enough they will work night and day to fix it. You just sit and wait the pick em off while they're busy building. THat has worked in the past for me. The easiest thing would be to call your local trapper and pay him if you have to.
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Default RE: Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

busting up the dam is effective but check your regs,here in ny it is illegal to shoot or hunt beaver in any way shape or form.trapping is the most effective way to control beavers.
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Default RE: Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hounds Man is right. Your best bet is to call an A.D.C. trapper. I am by no means a mechanic and if I try to fix my own rigs when something on them needs fixing, I'll screw it up worse than it was. It's basicly the same thing with your beaver problem. Belive me when I say the worst thing I can here on my job is when I get to the site the land/home owner says "I've tried everything I could think of to get rid of these things but their still here!" Now I,am looking at a job that should take maybe two or three days instead may take three weeks. My a professional and let him handle it. Even if it costs you a few bucks you,ll be money ahead in the long run.
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Default [Deleted]

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Default RE: Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

better to let a exsperienced trapper handle it if you was to buy the traps alone are pretty exspensive put a ad in local paper first might get some bites well the price for beaver hides is not much now I believe so maybe that is why guys are charging money to do it now when I used to trap you got about 60 Dollars for a good beaver hide <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ya wanna get rid of them...trappem under the ice in winter. Use snares or 330's. Would like to go at it myself but with half of fairbanks claiming 150% of the ponds....about ready to give it up!
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Default RE: Beavers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check the laws on beaver in you area. If you have a trapping season on them, find a reliable trapper, tell him you want them trapped out and to let you know when he is finished,after he has trapped them out, tear out the dam and the lodge. If you can't find a trapper, call your game commission and they will tell you how to get in touch with a A.D.C. trapper, tell him what you want. but make sure you tear out both the dam and the lodge. If you don't, other beaver will just move in. Shooting is not your answer. I have a beaver hide in my shed right now with two bullet holes in it.He had been shot three times, two in the hind parts and one in the tail. A farmer had tried for two years to shoot him in order to get him out of his pond. He called me, I set a trap one evening and picked up the beaver the next morning.
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