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My take on small predator control.

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Originally Posted by Nomercy448
You don’t know why. That’s honest.

Farm raised fowl are captive and located consistently in the same place. Wild game is not, on either count. Predators learn quickly when a reliable food supply becomes available to them. Would you prefer to search for hours and walk for miles, then risk a high energy sprint with a relatively low probability of success, or simply walk into a grocery store and pick up food stuffs with near zero energy commitment? A domestic fattened duck or a chicken might be yummier to a fox or a 'yote than a rat and certainly easier to catch than a fast wild rabbit.

That’s why. Now you know why.
Yes, natural predators are natural shoplifters. I as a human know that if I were to try to cop unpaid food from a store, I will probably face jail and/or fines. Predatory animals until they hear the bangs, smell the smoke and dodge the bullets from the guns of angry farmers and ranchers, have no such concept of criminal law and justice. Yes, I understand. Animals will naturally seek the easiest and or most desirable foods possible. Ripe sweet corn from a field must be yummier to deer than natural leafy tree browse.

I just figured the more wild animals there are in number, the more likely man is to get his things stolen by them. If there were zero coyotes, foxes and deer in existence, not a spec of man's food would be taken by any of them.

Now why do coyote come into people's yards to attack children or kill pets? Do they kill dogs to eat them?

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