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Best bobcat bait!!!

Old 09-17-2003, 06:37 PM
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Default Best bobcat bait!!!

A buddy and I had been trapping here in central part of Oklahoma for the last three years. Our main goal is to catch bobcats in our live traps. The first year was a rough one b/c we couldn' t find a bait to lure them in. We tried everything from live guinees to sardines to beaver meat and nothing just really worked well. After a day of duck hunting the 2nd year of trapping we thought we would use the breasted duck as bait. It turned out to be a great idea. We caught 8 cats off of a quarter section in a 3 week period. The following year we caught 11 off the same place and 4 others on some different land. It has by far been the best bait we have used yet. You will catch a lot of coons, opossums, and skunks in the process, but it is well worth it when you walk up to the trap and that big cat is raising hell. We found that trapping and calling predators provides great times and creates good memories after the deer seasons are all over.
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Default RE: Best bobcat bait!!!

Now just what the heck are you gonna do with a live Bobcat? I can see shooting one and having it stuffed, but I don' t think your gonna be able to carry one home in hopes of getting it litter trained. So what do you do with them?
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Default RE: Best bobcat bait!!!

Well, we usually shoot them after we catch them. Then we skin them and air dry the hides. We got $87 a piece for them last year and they are supposed to be at a better price this coming year. The farmers we trap on don' t like them because they hurt the game bird population, so we get rid of them. A good friend of mine has Treeing Walker' s, and some of the times we take the cat to a different place and let it go so the dogs can work on trailing and treeing cats. So if that doesn' t answer your question please write back.
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Default RE: Best bobcat bait!!!

who is buying your cats cause you are wasting alot of time for no profit i sell my cats whole carcass frozen to my buyer and get same average about 85 some even brought over a 100 if you do skin them leave the feet in them and save the skull it is worth money to take your skulls to skulls unlimited there right close to you last year they brought 5 each undamaged so don' t shoot them in the head. they have a web sight to. i sell and work sometimes for kanokla fur in honeywell,ks. they are north of you about 100 miles it is worth your drive to sell to him he likes hides green and skinned except cats likes them whole cause most people do not put them up right. if you took them to the fur auction he bought them most likely for half what they where worth. thats what auctions are good for here is my averages for last year selling green to him
possum .50
skunk 4.00
coon 9.00
cat 85.00
coyote 15.00
beaver 6.00
mink 3.00
squirrel 1.00
musk rat 1.00
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Default RE: Best bobcat bait!!!

Taks for the advice, we took the hides to the fur auction and that is what we got for them. We also got $20 for a coyote, $2 for a beaver,and $1.50 for a coon. If you would please let me know how to get a hold of the buyer you use. Thanks!!
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Default RE: Best bobcat bait!!!

How big are the bobcats you usually get? I saw one this summer that I thought was a small cougar at first, but maybe I just thought that because it was real light colored..I came to the conclusion it was a bobcat after I noticed its tail was so short.

Where is the skull place? I have a bear skull, I' m not sure if they' d be interested in it, and I' m not sure if I wanna get rid of it but I still might take a look.
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Default RE: Best bobcat bait!!!

The biggest I have caught was 32 lbs., Most are between 20-25 lbs.
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Default Bobcat trapping

I live in Wyoming so here you can't use any type of game animal even road kill to bait with so my question is what's a good bait for bobcat. I was thinking on trying just some ground up chicken with some salt added so I won't freeze to bad in the winter
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I thought that is what toy poodles were for, and other ankle biters
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After having handled live bobcats, I can't imagine why anyone would want to use a live trap to catch them. I also doubt they will be too keen on entering a live trap.
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Quick Reply: Best bobcat bait!!!

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