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thinking of getting into predator hunting

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thinking of getting into predator hunting

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Default thinking of getting into predator hunting

I have been thinking about getting into this for a few years now but just havent had much time after deer season, but I really need to get rid of some coyotes on the land I hunt because they are really hurting the deer population. I live in west virginia and was just looking for any advise on how to get started out, like what calls to use, better to hunt day or night, how and where to set up, and what time of year would be the best. Any advise would be appreciated
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Well to Me the best time of the Year is in late October into Nov,Dec., Jan and Feb,usually the Coyote has their thicker Winter Fur/oats and will be in nicer shape and You can either skin them out and prep their hides or give them away to a Trapper that will deal with the hides and sell them or You could get the Coyote mounted or have the hide tanned and keep them or hang them on your wall.

I have found it is better to hunt them in the early mornings and late evenings,night time would be even better if Your allowed the use of lights and calls?I use Rabbit in Distress calls,rodent calls and Fawn calls...You could even use Turkeys calls,the Coyote Yips and Howl calls work well to but take more practice to use them correctly.The easy way is to buy an Electronic Caller but it can get pretty expensive...I use a small cheap Johny Stewart Caller that has a remote with about 5 different calls/sounds on it that reaches out about 20-35 yards or so,then I put out a rabbit decoy or a feather on a stick for movement to keep the Coyote,Fox or Bobcat's attention on the feather.

Winter Time is one of the best times to be Hunting Coyotes..they are hungry and will come in to a call much easier and quicker.Its best to set up over looking an open field or even in the woods and when You do any calling the Coyotes will usually circle down-wind and come in from that direction to try a smell You or whats making the sound.I like sitting up in a tall ladder stand so I can see all around me and further out...and my scent is up higher and less detected!Coyotes can smell things from far away and its best to be Scent-free when Hunting them and I use Camo Clothing to stay hidden....in the Winter time its a good idea to wear white clothing or white camo to blend in.There's lots of different tricks and strategies to Hunt Coyotes,some times it pays to just sit quietly and watch open fields,freshly cut hay fields or even hunt over a dead animal carcass.

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GTO pretty well summed that up.

Some good centerfire calibers for predator size game are; .204, .22-250, .223 & .243
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And do not forget to bring a shotgun with you to with 2,1,BB,BBB,or (I prefer) T shot. The most effective method we have found so far is to ask the local farmers and ranchers if they have any dead livestock to let you know and take it to your property and hunt it at night during the day and anytime you can. A neighbors horse died in a pasture close to my house and you could see it when we drove by everyday and we asked if he would let us shoot the dogs off of it and we killed coyotes around the clock off of it. Ended up killing 15 before they stripped it clean. Or has inhumane as it sounds go ask the vet if he knows of anybody with a horse or cow that is near death and offer to take it off of their hands they will probably let you dispose of it.
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