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What is the best .22 round out there? List of .22 rounds. >

What is the best .22 round out there? List of .22 rounds.

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What is the best .22 round out there? List of .22 rounds.

Old 03-10-2011, 04:18 PM
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Default What is the best .22 round out there? List of .22 rounds.

Just curious to what other small game hunters would say there favorite .22 rounds are. What is the most powerfull round? Quitest? Flatest shooting? Best for your buck?

Most Powerfull-.22 Stingers(32gr) are what some friends of mine used in the small game season to shoot hogs and are what I consider a very high quality round. (Very expensive though)

Quitest-With out a doubt this goes to cci Cronical ball rounds. They are increadibly quiet and could only be compared to that of a pellet gun. The round doesnt have enough powder to eject the shell and the round itself is ofcorse very underpowered. Infact if you shoot a living tree with this round, it often pancakes right on it. Subsonic an shorts are a great great deal louder then this round.

Flatest shooting-Im not too sure about this one, but ide have to go with cci copper plated hollowpoint(27gr). I shoot a .22 with a rather short barrell and is simply not built for long shots, so I often dont reach out far but if I think im going too then these rounds are what I use.

Best bang for your buck-Winchester super X(37 gr) are cheap, shoot 1330 fps, and are okay quality. Cheaper ones out there but you may findout just why they are so cheap.

Im no .22 expert and the selection I have made was only made with what I have experianced. What do you guys shoot?
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Old 03-10-2011, 05:04 PM
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I like shooting eley through my cz, winchester through my ruger. Some guns like curtain ammo.
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yeah ive noticed some of my guns like certain rounds over others, i think thats pretty much a standard thing. I bought about 7 different boxes of 22s to try out, when i get some time im gonna see whats best. I have some ely's that seem to shoot really well. I think the yellow jackets the hottest round i bought.
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Old 03-13-2011, 02:14 PM
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I for the most part shoot Eleys for the quality and dependablity. I have no reason to shoot any hyper-speed rounds for I then use a centerfire.
But what I have found for quiet rounds are the Eley Subsonic or RWS Subsonic out of the bull barrel weapons I shoot are VERY quiet for what I shoot, (Squirrels).
For speed, I have shot the CCI Tin rounds. Not very accurate, but very fast and if you can hit what youa re shooting at, its over!!!! Not very well suited for distance for them being lightweight and dropping off quickly in energy as well.
I have shot those conical caps you spoke of once. Never again!!!!! The round never left the barrel!!!!!!!! If and when I have to shoot low power rounds, (ADC trapping, critters in catch live traps) I either use shorts or a high powered air rifle.
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