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Default How long do i boil traps?

How long do i boil my traps in dye/wax?When should i dye wax traps(season starts 11-14-09).I put the traps in the rain yester day,they have a little rust on them,does the whole trap have to have a light coat of rust?
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With brand new traps, I let them boil/simmer in the dye for 1 to 2 hours and then turn off the heat and let them set overnight. Then the next morning reheat to a boil and remove traps and let them thoroughly dry. If the wax has been heated to the proper temperature, it usually takes less than 1 minute for the trap to be waxed completely. The sooner this process is done the better but I would definitely let the whole trap get a light rust first (this can be sped up by soaking in salt water or vinegar). As long as your done by Nov 1, you should be good to go.
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Yes wait till it is completley covered with a light coat of rust
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If you haven't bought the dye and wax I would just speed dip them. Actually, I'd just speed dip them even if you have already bought the other. Far easier and will last much longer than the wax.
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