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Hand calls considered the best.

Old 11-05-2008, 04:29 PM
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Default Hand calls considered the best.

I am interested in hand calls for varmints like fox and coyote (actually you can call anything in).

Who makes the best hand calls you have ever seen, used, or heard about?

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Old 11-05-2008, 06:46 PM
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Default RE: Hand calls considered the best.

There are plenty of good calls on the market. If you can make it sound like death it is a good call. I like the Screey AP-6. It is a bite style call. You bite down on the mouth piece to change the pitch.I also like to use close reed calls like the Dan Thompson PC-2. Ibought a callfrom KettleCreek Callscalled a backstabber. I haven't used it in the field yet but it sounds real good. In my opionion, open reed calls are harder to use. They sound good but it is hard to learn.
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Default RE: Hand calls considered the best.

The one thing about closed reed calls is in the north they can freeze up in the good cold weather.
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Default RE: Hand calls considered the best.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I have been using Weems wild call, it works (dieing rabbit) but is just not that real, if you have ever heard a real dieing rabbit you know what I mean. I've called in fox, raccoon, owls, hawks, a couple bobcats and LOTS of house cats, LOL.
I have never heard of or tried a bite down type call, I like the reed call because it's what I've been using for a long time. However I need to try something else, I believe I'm cutting myself short using just one call.
I've heard that Burnam Brothers made good calls but have no experience with them.


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Default RE: Hand calls considered the best.

I have called coyotes in with johnny stewart calls and primo's hot dog and little dog,you can call them in with any call if your setup is good and the coyote is willing.You should concentrate on your set,the wind direction with relation to where the coyotes are coming from to get to you,and scent control.I have called them in with turkey calls while turkey hunting,the sound you make just needs to sound in distress the realism isn't as important as being where they can hear you and not see you until it's to late.I use a foxpro electronic caller most of the time anymore,because of the ability to get the sound away from my location and the ability to make a lot more sounds than I can by mouth,but a mouth calll is just as effective and you don't have to be a world champion caller to call in predators just hunt them every chance you get and you will score on a lot of animals over time and figure out what works best in your area.GOOD LUCK!!
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Default RE: Hand calls considered the best.

As a call maker my self... there are good things about alot of calls and there are bad things about alot of differant calls... If you want a call to make noise... They all should...... If not take them back... But there are going to be things like sound quality, consistancy, and acustical mechanics that will change from call to call. You can take a broom stick and drill a hole in it, put a reed in, and you have a call... It probably wont sound that good, but it is a call...You will have to test alot of calls to find what you like...

But, I think that Coyote#68 shot this one in the Heart about the coyote being willing, Your set-up, and scouting, hunting pressure, and your approach, I think that alot of guys get busted going in, a coyote will put himself in a good vantage point before he lays down for a nap... and I dont think they sleep as well as the typical black lab... They havent been persecuted as long as they have, and surviving with out being smart....

Thats just my two cents...

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Default RE: Hand calls considered the best.

Thanks to everyone for there input. Most of you guys seem to be coyote oriented, I'm sorry for listing them in my opening post. I live in Frederick Maryland and there are very few of them here, however over the last couple years they are starting to turn up here and there. They seem to be able to adapt and are spreading there range at an alarming rate that evidently is not going to stop!

Anyway, my main reason for calling is, I just like to call! Everything that has been said is true to the normal predator hunter. However I have called lots of animals right up to the house by calling through my sliding door that leads to my deck. It is absolutely astonishing to all of a sudden see something standing in the yard or in several instances run right up on the deck, now that is WILD!

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