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Default 17 hmr vs 22-250

i was wondering if any body knows what would be a good load for my 22-250 ive been having a problem with the exit holes there geting preety big "I currently shoot a 50 grn hornady moly". ive been useing my 17 hmrwith the cci tntand it does a good job but i feel resticted to about 200 yrds and in i dont want to change riffels but would aprsheat good ballistic info
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Default RE: 17 hmr vs 22-250

The .22-250 is a lot of varmit gun, and a big jump from the 17! The 250 is a great long distance shooter. Iwould guess the 55 gr. soft point would be the least expandable vs. hollow points. and do the least amount of belt damage.I know you said you didn't want to get a new gun, but do some research regarding the .223 in 50 grain Winchester Ballistic silver tips. If you zero your [email protected] 200 yds.: you are +1.5 @ 50, +1.2 @ 100, +1.2 @ 150, Zero @ 200 [email protected] 300 yds. You can aim at the top of the back @ 300 yds. and hit mid dog.
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Default RE: 17 hmr vs 22-250

I finally bought a new rifle because I also could never find a fur freindly load for my 22-250. I tried soft points, and although they rarely didn't exit, they rarely made a big exit hole. I tried ballistic tips, I tried V-max, and I tried hollow points. I finally took the dive and bought a smaller rifle. For one reason, I rarely have shots over 250 yards, so I went down to the .204 and have been very pleased.
I think no matter the load you use in the 22-250, you're going to have some big holes sometimes, unless you shoot'em all 250+ yards out, where the bullet has slowed down enough to have less energy and less damage.
200 yards with the hmr huh, that has GOT to be stretching the capabilitys of that round, no matter the bullet used.
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