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Coyote rifle

Old 02-13-2006, 06:55 PM
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Default Coyote rifle

I am looking to purchase a rifle for coyote hunting. I will be taking shots from 50-150 yards. Whichcaliber would you recommend? Ido not want to mutilate the pelts though.Thanks
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

depends how much $ you are willing to spend, AR-15's are very nice
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

take a look at the .204 very fast round very small hole and no exit wound. the round is still new and a little bit more $ than say .223 but it is a good little round, accurate to 400 yards. also 22/250 is good.

those are my opinions.....
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

Depends on money, 50-150 I'd get a 223. I have recently become in love with remingtons 700LVSF.
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

the .17s are great for shots under 200 yds . but i use a 223 and a shotgun
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

ORIGINAL: zak123

I am looking to purchase a rifle for coyote hunting. I will be taking shots from 50-150 yards. Which caliber would you recommend? I do not want to mutilate the pelts though. Thanks
Depends on a couple of things. First off, what type of area are you hunting to have a limitation of 50-150 yards? Do you reload? As for money, what are you willing to spend? A .223 is a good starter rifle with cheaper ammo out there that will do the job, provided you produce a good shot. The .204 Ruger is a excellent round, smaller of course than the .223, and a little more expensive if you do not reload. Yet, the .204 is a very quick, accurate, and easy round to work with. Then you can go on, 22-250, .243 all the way up to my favorite rounds, .308 and .338 Lapua. Yes, you can have nice pelts with both of the .30 calibers, but the Lapua does have a knack for a thumper of a recoil.. Anyways, if you stick with the .20 calibers, .204 is my vote. .223 would be cheaper in ammo in the long run, but if you are not shooting 100 rounds a weekend, my vote is for the .204. I shoot a .204, the .308 and the .338 Lapua for all my yote hunting, and I pelt out everything I can, unless the dogs are mangy or loaded with parasites. And if I am feeling frisky, I take my bows with me as well....I have had some great mornings with my Hoyts.

p.s. I would do some thinking on the caliber first, then the manufacturer and any add ons. Plenty of great manufacturers out there, but don't go for the sale item that is just ok. A yote gun is just as important as the elk, bear, or even deer rifle. Put some money, without taking a loan, into a scope as well as some good calls, camo, and other necessary gear. It will all add up on a nicely to take that pesky yote.
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

Depending on how 'new' you are to the vote is the .223. Cheap, don't need special cleaning rods, plenty of options in both guns and ammo.
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

I would say the .223, it is very versatile and the ammo is really cheap. You can get 20 rounds for like $2.50-$3.00. And it isn't all that bad on the pelts either. If you go to alot of message boards the .223 is probably the most used and reccomended.
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

The vast majority of coyote hunters use .22 centerfires, like the .222, .223. and .22-250. I use a .223 myself. Out to 300 yards, it is hard to beat. It shoots flat and delivers enough energy and enough lead to get the job done effectively. Most of my shots fall under 100 yds, and I've never hada bullet exit. Nearly any good bolt action rifle topped with a quaility scope will serve you well.
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Default RE: Coyote rifle

.243 Win good to about 400 yrds de[ending on the shooter and Savage model 11 not very expensive and accurate out of the box with a nice scope. Can double as a nice deer rifle with the right loads and I have used mine on coyotes for a couple of years and have had no problems with excessive pelt damage.

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Quick Reply: Coyote rifle

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