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Can you believe this?!

Old 01-30-2006, 07:38 PM
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Default Can you believe this?!

[blockquote]Well we were out shootingour bows (My brother in law,other sisters boy-friend, and I) and we heard a fox yelping in the hill behind usvery faintly. Right away my brother in laws says, "Spiffy go get your gun I'll call him in with my mouth." I doughted he would but reluctantly went for my rifle.

When I got back he started calling (making the fox barking with his mouth). At first it didn't sound like he was comming in but soon it sounded like we was. They hid behind a bale of hay and I layed in the snow beside it with the gun on a log. Soon he poked out about 4-500yards away to our left. He kept comming skirting the bush line comming to our right. If he kept comming the best I could hope for was about a 200-300 yard shot. When he was nearly were I wanted to shoot he dcked back into the bush and I couldn't see him. He poked back out to our right and was now about 400yards away!

knowing it would be my last chance I let the .222 Rem sing holding about 2 feet high. Miss. He ran but we called him back out and my brother in law tried a shot at about 80 yards futher than what I shot. He missed too.

I couldn't believe he called it out! Ican't even come close to making that sound. Anyone else ever hear of anyone doing this???[>:]

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Default RE: Can you believe this?!

I have heard a good amount of people claiming to produce mouth calls of selected fox and yote calls. But now, since you guys missed, the fox is now keen to mouth calls for he knows there is going to be a gun shot passing his way.........I would go and track his trail and hopefully get him back.
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Default RE: Can you believe this?!

I'll second what Coyotestalker said. If you aren't absolutely sure you can make the shot, pass up the shot and try for him again later. He'll be a lot easier to call in the second time if he doesn't expectlead to be flying.
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