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243 or 223

Old 01-22-2006, 01:37 PM
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Default 243 or 223

i want to get a Rem. 700 VLS and i can't decide whether to get it in 223 or 243. It will be used mainly for varmints but the question is how much damage does a 243 do to a coyote or fox pelt? or should i just stick with the good ol' 223.
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Default RE: 243 or 223

Obviously the .223 will have less pelt damage, BUT at what ranges do you expect most of your shots to be taken. If you think your highest percenatge of shots will be 150 yards and less, than the .223 would do fine, but if you think you may have many shot opportunities out past250 yards or so, then the .243 would be better suited!
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Old 01-22-2006, 06:19 PM
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Default RE: 243 or 223

As howler said, a 223 will have less fur damage than a 243. But I think the 243 is a better choice not only because it can reach out there for those long shots but also that it is faster (if correct bullets are used) and it has a lot more knock down power. The bullet size of a 243 is not a whole lot bigger than a 223 and the fur damage is not much more either.
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Default RE: 243 or 223

Go with the 22-250 the perfect balance of power and minimal fur damage in my opnion
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Default RE: 243 or 223

The .223 will easily take coyotes at 300 yards. And with proper bullet selection, exit wounds are rare. Unless you are hunting shortgrass prairies, youmay notneed the extra power of a larger cartridge.
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Old 01-23-2006, 10:50 AM
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Default RE: 243 or 223

I've been using both the 243 and 223. I like the .223 better, and take it out more often than my 243. I recently shot a wolverine with it, and it did make a pretty long tear down the side, but was easily stiched. No exit wound. I'm using FMJ's with the 223, but they aren't available over the counter for the 243.
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Default RE: 243 or 223

I have a .243 Savage Model 10 - I love it for yotes. Never had too much problem with pelt damage - i found that if I used a heavier load the bullet holds together better and passes through the animal with minimal damage and with lighter loads the expanded quicker and created a larger exit hole than I was happy with.

I have used remington 100 Grain CoreLocks with great success.

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Default RE: 243 or 223

Alright Devil Dog you alreadyhave a good idea from the rifle range the ballistics from the .223, not a bad little round. Now take the .243 with a 100 gr. round ( less pelt damage ) more energy on target, less wind drift, better ballistics all around and a nice deer round too.
Good Luck !!!!

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Default RE: 243 or 223

I have the 22-250 vls and my friend hasthe 223 vls we handload and prefer my 22-250 for the majorityof shots. only way 223 would be better is if you were buying lots of rounds from a store(cheaper), but then again why doesnt everyone just reload anymore.
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Default RE: 243 or 223

i just gota .223 and i love i would probably go with the .223

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