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yote and fox gun

Old 12-13-2005, 05:13 PM
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Default yote and fox gun

how much do you guys think that a .17 or 22-250 would cost without a scope. and does anyone got any pics from western pa?
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Default RE: yote and fox gun

This comes in .204 ruger 22-250 or a .223 and it is about $225
without the scope and with a 24" fluted barrel.

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Old 12-13-2005, 10:28 PM
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Default RE: yote and fox gun

little bow man 1 i have that in 204 and its a tack driver. i would advise getting one.
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Old 12-13-2005, 10:29 PM
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Default RE: yote and fox gun

Depends on what you get. I like the .204 over the .17 hmr but the .17 REM is even better. the brand you choose is going to determine price though. NEF has the handi rifle which is a good low cost gun.
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Old 12-14-2005, 10:50 AM
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Default RE: yote and fox gun

It really "DEPENDS" on the range, your accuracy, conditioning, and money. The .17 HMR can run in rifles from $400 to higher, depending on any tricks you put on it, and manufacturers pricing which brings you the charging of retail pricing. The 22.250 can run from $500 on, and sometimes lower if you can shop a deal. But it really comes down to range. I own a .17 HMR Ruger 10/17 laminated with target grey. Great rifle for all my ground squirrel, rabbit, and other varmints under 10 lbs with a range of 120 yards. Anything beyond that, I use my .204 Ruger for varmints under 350 yards, with exception when I want to bring out my reliable Tikka T3 .308 varminter to take out yotes for a no worry shot. In my opinion, the .17 Rem would not be a wise choice, for the avalibility of the ammo and the flooded market of better accurate and reliable calibers like the .204, .223, .222, 22-250, 220 swift, 7mm Rem mag., .243, and so on and so on.
I would shop around for opinions, stories, and ask your local gun club or shop owners on opinions and reliable facts. If the .17 HMR and the 22-250 are your only options, make a list what you are really going to shoot, at what ranges, and what your wallet says everytime you want to buy new ammo. the cool thing about the 22-250 is that you can reload yourself, if you want to go that route. The .17hmr sticks you to buy retail loaded ammo. My last thought is, shop around for more calibers if you have the time, and don't just settle for whats popular for that week.
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Default RE: yote and fox gun

IMHO I would stay away from the 17 hmr for coyote or fox. Yes, it will kill them but with less marginfor error. On the other hand, a 17 reminton will do the job. It is a great gun for fur. It rarely exits a fox with the 20 or 25 grain reloads I use. If you are going to own a .17 remington you better reload. My second choice for fox and coyote would bea .22 hornet. I live in the east so few of my shots are more than 100 yards this quiet andlow report round is perfect for use in high density housing areas. The .204 ruger would be my next choice. It will tear a fox up with any load. If I was just coyote hunting the .204 and .17 remington would be my two choices. I don't prefer one over the other. In my area, there are not many coyote so I have to target fox.

As for cost, I have an FFL so cost is cheaper for me. I have a remington LVSF in .17 remington that I got for about $650.00. The Remington BDL is about $120 cheaper. From what I understand CZ makes a good .17 remington. I have never owned a CZ. I would recommend if you are going to buy a .22 hornet by a browning micro hunter ($550.00-600.00). Very accurate with 35 grain hornady v-max bullets. I have heard that there are lots of tack driving .204's around. I want one of the new Remington XR-100's in .204 for ground hog hunting.
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Default RE: yote and fox gun

Heres a pic of the .17 HMRthat i most recently bought. Im sure it will be a great fox and coyo gun.
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Default RE: yote and fox gun

Sorry about the last one it didnt come out very well.

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Default RE: yote and fox gun

ORIGINAL: Little Bow Man 1

This comes in .204 ruger 22-250 or a .223 and it is about $225
without the scope and with a 24" fluted barrel.

i want to get one of those so bad in 22-250!!!! i'm assuming it doesn't come with the scope??? 700bdl about how fast can you shoot that thing?? is it a pain to reload while shooting prone???
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Default RE: yote and fox gun

NEF Sportster in .17HMR - $129.99
Barska 4-16x50 AO - $59.99

Does Western NY count??

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Quick Reply: yote and fox gun

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