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Default Woodchuck

Anybody do any woodchuck hunting? Will a .22LR do the trick for taking them?
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Default RE: Woodchuck

surely will. i dont really "hunt"them i eliminate them but the 22lr is what i use most of the time unless im board and go parie dog hunting iowa style with my 223. it does the trick onchucks for sure.
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Default RE: Woodchuck

With a .22 LR get close and make head shots. A .22 Mag is better depending upon terrain and the availability of a safe backstop.
Good luck.
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Default RE: Woodchuck

I used to do ALOT of woodchuck hunting 20 years ago. SInce the coyotes have become more established we don't see as many as we used to.

I used a .22 LR most of the time. I liked a hollow point and would try for head shots - that almost always put them down on the spot. Too many body shot 'chucks will get down their hole and expire. Some times I used #2 shot w/ a 12ga.

My favorite hunting was to stalk them. Sometimes you would screw up the stalk - and they would bolt for thier hole. I would always freeze - and as soon as they were down - I'd quickly rush up to within range - and make a shrill whistle. - 1/2 the time - the woodcuck would pop right back out - to look to see what made the whistle - and I'd already havea rest and pop him.

The whistle also worked when the grass was too tall - once in range - a quick whistle would make them "stand up" for a shot.

Ah the memories..........


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Default RE: Woodchuck

I would imagine a 22 would do the trick hit it square in the head and it will drop. I have never hunted for groundhogs but a t my uncle's house one morning his neibor was poping them off with a 410bore shotgun it did the trick. there wasnt much left of them.
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Default RE: Woodchuck

Hunted them years ago with a 22 & it did the job. Like what the others said make sure of your shot placement.
I still hunt them every summer but have not used my 22 in years. Me and my Brother-In-Law hunt them with our bows. Much more of a challange and funner JMO.
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Default RE: Woodchuck

bump up the caliber to .22-250 and no matter where you hit them they are deadgot my furthest kill ever with .22-250........396 yards........took three shots but he just kept coming back out.......i like to drive or walk through the fields and once you see them, the book it for the hole..........more than 50% of the time (if you are quick) they will stop right before going down the hole........many groundhogs have died this way by me.....i also wait them out sometimes too.......if you see them out and they run, just get into a good position where you can see the hole.....give it 20-30 mins and they will be back.........i wait out a lot of hogs now i can't wait for the spring!!!!
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Default RE: Woodchuck

I have heard of people shooting wood chucks wiht every thing from a pelet gun to a 30-06 and I believe they all work.
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Default Don't waste your time with a pellet gun

Originally Posted by .243coyote
I have heard of people shooting wood chucks wiht every thing from a pelet gun to a 30-06 and I believe they all work.
Speaking from experience. We've got a chuck in our yard (a big sucker, 30+ lbs I'm guessing) with about 7 or 8 lead pellets in him. One day, perhaps, lead poisoning will take him down, but a .22 LR is a better bet.
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