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223 BDC scope mounted on a 7mm-08?!?.


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As for your tape residue try spraying some WD-40 on a cloth and that may loosen up the glue. Those polyurethane finishes stocks on the Brownings are tough as nails. I refinished 2 of them. One of the easiest ways I found to remove the poly was to actually scrape it off. This may sound silly but what I did was break a glass jar and using the pieces of glass I could usually find a piece with the right contour for each section of the stock. The checkering was done with furniture stripper and a brass brush. It took a lot of time to get these jobs done.
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Originally Posted by Digdoug531 View Post
Thanks for the replies. Will try to find a range, somewhere around here. I think there's a 300yd range, about an hour away. Definitely can't shoot in the back yard anymore��. Kinda torn that the gun has been wrapped in tape,Would it hurt to rub a little goo gone a wood stock? I was thinking about laying a steaming rag on top of the stock, and seeing if I could get the glue loose enough to wipe off.
wet a rag with carb cleaner and wipe it off, don't leave it wet long as it will get soft, may have to polish it a bit to give it the same shine, but no big deal, I've stripped painted stocks using this method and still retained the finish
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