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Default Leupold CDS Review

On our family ranch we have targets out to 400, so I did a review of a Leupold CDS scope to that distance. If you own a rangefinder, it's incredibly accurate out to 400 yards. Past that, I think you really need to chrono your gun and tweak it exactly to the speed.

I used the ballistics off the Nosler box when I called Leupold. Customer service was top notch. My rifle is a 24" barrel, I am guessing I lost some speed. That's not on Leupold, that's because I don't own a chronograph. Holy smokes man, my eyes can't do much more than 400 yards anyway. It's fun.

Here's the review. http://https://youtu.be/VDYJFnlpjLE
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"Most" published ballistics are given based a 24" barrel.
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with proper sight in almost any rifle can be used to four hundred using holdover, when I used to shoot a bunch, I was averaging 93% first shot kills on groundhogs to 450 yards using holdover with a 24" barreled AR 15 chambered in 223 wylde. now the main culprit with the CDS is bullet BC, the number on the box is just what the makers got the day they tested it under those conditions, I have tested bullets for years and only once did the makers BC match what I was shooting. once you get to 600 yards your current atmospheric conditions will start to take its toll, barometric pressure actually has the ability to change the BC of your bullet, you wanna hit to 600 yards and beyond, you hafta dial, and you need to tweak your chart to your load. I've taken 75+ deer beyond 450 yards, dozens beyond 600, a handful past a grand, it ain't easy, it ain't cheap but it can be done.
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