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Default Leupold Customer Service

Probably won't surprise many, but I just have to give kudos to Leupold customer service (again). While hunting in late November, I took a fall on the rocks and the scope on my rifle (VX2 3-9 w/CDS) was the first thing to hit the rocks. The objective bell was bent was the only obvious damage. I switched rifles the next day and packed up the bent scope for a ride back to Leupold. I put wrote on the service request exactly what happened and expected to pay for repairs.

The scope arrived last week, postage paid, with a note of repairs and an invoice for $0.00.

I'm a regular customer of Leupold with scope purchases and occasional custom work over the past 30 years, (only a single warranty need) but still...

That's just crazy good service.
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Doesn't surprise me at all and that's one of the main reasons that I have only one rifle in my safes that doesn't have a Leupold on it.
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That's how you make a "customer" for life !

I wish other companies would understand that's how it works !!?!?

BTW - I am a Burris guy
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yep.leupold is a stand up company and they sell quality products for a reasonable price . they have been faithful to me so I am faithful to them.
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Leupold and Redfield are made by the same Company now, since 2008.
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Yup they seem to treat customers right!
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I only have two Leupold products, have only had to contact them once for some info. They looked it up for me while I was on the phone. Great products and service.
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I've been using Leupolds for more than 30 years and this is one of the reasons. What few problems I have had were taken care of immediately and there has never been a charge. They stand by their product and they make a very good product to begin with.
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Once I slipped, fell, and the rifle no longer would hit within the scope's field of view. Sent it back to Leupold. They checked it out and said it was fine, so I took a second look at the rifle. The barrel was bent! (Doh!)

Other than a .22 plinker, any time I buy a rifle I also buy a Leupold. Great outfit.
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Agreed I just sent my binos in for repair; they have great customer service and stand by their products.
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