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setting a scope

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Default setting a scope

hi, this is my first post. i just put a new scope on a 270 win. single shot rifle(h&r)my shooting range behind my house is only 60 yards into a big dirt pile. i set the scope to hit 1 inch above a dime size bullseye at 60 yards, if i shot at a target 300 yards where would my bullet hit. the ammo is 150gr rem-corelock and my stainless barrel is 22 inches if that matters. I will get to go to a range where i can shoot out to 500 yards but it will be a few weeks. The field i hunt where my stand will be the longest shot will be only about 350 yards. Any help will be appreciated. toccopola
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Here is the ballistics report on the 150 gr corelockt from the ipad app "Ballistics" look at the column next to the yardage. You drop 24.6" at 350.

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toccopola - with your current sight setting and shooting 1" high at 60 yds will probably have you high at 300. Remember, on average, your scope (line of sight) is about 1 - 1 1/2" above your bore. To be 1" high at 60 yards means that, for shooting purposes, your bore is pointed up at a relatively steep angle compared to your line of sight.
Ballistic charts are great but are only a good estimate. What you really need to do is actually shoot at 100, 200 and 300 yds to see where your point of impact is.
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He will not be high at 300 if he's only 1" high at 60.
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That chart is with a zero at 60 yards and the OP said he set his to be 1" high at 60 yards, so it's not going to be as low as what that chart shows at 300 yards, but it sure as heck will be way low and not high way out at 300 yards like bronko22000 stated!
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I stand corrected. I apologize for the mis-info.
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How well can you shoot out to 225 to 250 yards? That is about the furthest you could hope to shoot and still keep your shots less than 3" high or low all along that full range from muzzle to end target, unless you are loading some real snappy ammo.

Unfortunately for me distances beyond about 200 yards are history for me because of my eyesight and my abilities now.

With standard factory ammo and your 270 I'd try real hard to get to a 100 yard range and set it up to be about 1.75" high at 100 yrds. Then, if you do your part, shots out to 225 yrds should be do-able without a lot of in-field calculating or hold-over, etc. That should keep your shots within 3" high or low (or less) of your intended POI. If you fully intend to shoot out to the maximum 350 yards (you say your stand has access to) you'd better put in some range time at the actual distances.

Nothing will give you better results than ACTUALLY shooting at all the ranges you feel will be possible for you in the field.

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