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Default NEED HELP!!!

What does everyone think of lee reloading supplies. I am looking at the lee anniversary reloading kit. I want to get into reloading. I would really appreciate some opinions on Lee supplies! Thanks!
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!

I've loaded some very good ammo with that press and with lee dies. For the money I don't think you'd be making a mistake. That being said I haven't used that scale ( Lee didn't make a scale back when I started) so I can't say for certain about it ( it looks cheap to me, I'd rather have an RCBS or Lyman scale if I were you) I did upgrade to a rockchucker this year ( good deal on ebay ... primary reason) as I don't like the spent primer catcher on the Lee press, but I could've lived with it. hope this helps you.

You will hear save your money and get the RCBS rockchucker kit to start with, as they have great CS. I've never needed CS yet ....20 years and counting.
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!

Lee is good dependable equipment, for the most part, built to meet a price point. A Lee press is probably not going to be as durable, in the long run, as an RCBS or Lyman press. That might not matter to you. If you load only a thousand rounds a year, the Lee will still be working for you twenty years from now, given reasonable care.
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!


I've tried many of Lee products, due to the price. I became convinced that that I was getting about what I paid for. I wouldn't give two cups of sour beans for everything made by Lee. I don't think it is possible to do good work with lousy tools. The best thing that can be said about Lee dies is that they make good fishing weights. Stay with Redding or RCBS, and if used correctly, they'll last you your lifetime.
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!

The powder charger that I have is incositent +/- 1 grain difference from one load to the next. I back it off 1-3 grains & use a trickler & rcbs scale to get the correct load. I buy RCBS & Lee dies and been happy with them both. I think the Lee anniversary kit would be a good buy, I think rcbs makes a starter kit too. Look on ebay, you may be able to piece a better starter kit for the same money.
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!

You might as well go up one notch and get ya a RCBS Rockchucker Sepreme kit. You can do it now, or later.
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!

You might as well go up one notch and get ya a RCBS Rockchucker Sepreme kit. You can do it now, or later.
I agree!
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!

I'm supprised that you have had problems with the powder measure. Mine has thrown consistant charges thruoughout its use. I don't even weigh every load any more. As for the scale. I like it for setting a weight and then setting the powder measure. IT's not that great for trying to weigh a unknown load. I mean if you throw a charge and want to know exactly how much it is, the scale will do it, but it's a pain. If you want to throw 18.25 granis, set the scale after zeroing it and set you powder measure to throw the correct weight. check every fifth round to be sure. Thats what I do anyway!
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!

Most of my handloading tools are RCBS, and they have worked very well. Good luck.
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Default RE: NEED HELP!!!

My dad had the same lee charger I have, it was very accurate for him then it just started throughing charges. Put ball powder in it and it leaked out the side by the handle, he did get a lot of use out it before it did that. He bought a RCBS charger, says it works great. He checks every 3-4 rounds.
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