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Reloading Share techniques for reloading, where to get the hottest in reloading equipment and learn how to reload from fellow hunters.

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Default Accubond?

Are Nosler Accubond good elk rounds?
Alex G.
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Never shot a elk with one, but have killed several deer with them out of my 300 win mag and 7mm rem mag. I really like the accubond.
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The Accubond is a great bullet. Accurate and deadly.
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Very good bullet. Would handle an elk with no problem.
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I am sure this bullet will be an excellent choice. I have taken 25 plus deer with my .300 WSM and a 150 gr. Accubond and I have never recovered a bullet. I like this bullet because I always have two holes in my deer to make a good blood trail if the deer leaves the scene. It has excellent weight retention. For elk I think I would use the 180 grain bullet in a .30 caliber weapon.
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Accubonds are a very solid bullet to use on any animal I have used them in 6.5mm 7mm 30 Cal and 338 Cal and have had no problems taking anything from pronghorn to elk all perform flawlessly and all came out backside even a 260 Remington with 140 grain through the chest
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Default Accubond?

Used Winchester Supreme 160 grain Accubonds on two cow elk. One broadside one straight-on, did a great job on both. 7mm Rem Mag.
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new to the huntingnet forum and hope to receive some good input in the near future. Accubonds? i just bought a 300 rem. ultra mag. recently and loaded up some 200 grain AB's. Had a freek incident with a 5 pt bull. He walked out in front of me at 11 yards perfectly broadside. Pulled the trigger right behind the shoulder and he went 60 yards and was dead. Here's the kicker, i found the bullet up against the hide on the opposite side flank. must have hit something on the way in. The bullet was a perfect mushroom and looked to be all in tact. We'll see what they do to my bull this coming season.
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Last fall I took a medium size cow elk at around 75 yards with a Winchester factory load using a 140 gr Accubond out of my .270. She was slightly quartered away and the bullet entered just behind the leg, disintegrated the top of the heart, then broke the front leg on the off side and exited. She went another 40 yards and piled up.

I used factory ammo because the rifle was new just before hunting season and I didn't have time to work up a load. Since then, I have been loading the same bullet at 2950 FPS average which closely approximates the Winchester factory loading.

I also read several forums for information on Accubonds and the vast majority of posters who have taken game with them recommend them.
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