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7mm Rem Mag

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Default 7mm Rem Mag

I have some H4831 and my Speer book only has a load listing for H4831SC is there any difference in the two other then the sc being cut shorter ? do I need to be worried about pressures if I start out in the middle about 59,60 gr of standard H4831 max is 63.5 H4831sc ?

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There are no differences, I shot both the long and short version and could never tell any difference. The max loads on that powder are way conservative. When I first started loading H4831, the max load was 66 grains with a 140 grain bullet in a 7 mag. My best load and max load was 68.5 grains with the 140 grain boat tail. If I went to 69 grains, I started having problems.
In my opinion, they lowered the max because of inconsistencies in the powder between batches and are playing it safe.
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
rocky top, the loads are conservative as you say because due to alot of older rifles that exist on some pretty soft actions, saami specs the 7 rm at 61,000 psi, in a good strong action you won't start having pressure problems till you aproach 65K psi, basicly your gaining 125 fps and losing half your brass life.
True words no doubt. My rifle was a ruger Mark II long stainless barrel. When I bought the gun, it was awful and would not group. I replaced the stock with a Hogue pillar bedded, replaced the trigger with a timney and those two things helped a bunch. But, still, my best groupings were at 68.5 grains. I knew I was on the edge with that amount of powder but I had complete confidence in making a 300 yard shot and a low wind 400 yard shot. I practiced both.
My comments on the inconsistencies between powder batches came out of a magazine reloading article and the author was talking about how important it was to re-test your max loads when buying a new can of powder, even if it's the same kind. He had found some really big consistencies between batches and Hogdon seemed to be the worse.
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4831SC was made because 4831 didn't meter worth a darn. Like was said earlier they are interchangeable. If you are still uncomfortable visit Hodgdon's website and look up the reloading info you desire.
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