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Default Best reload for .257 Weatherby Magnum?

.257 Weatherby Magnum with a 100 grain bullet produces waaay too much damage on exit to hunt with, so I'm going to reload with 115 grain nosler ballistic tips but am wondering if anyone has played with reloading this caliber with different grain bullets and powders and what's the best way to go?
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I agree with Ridge Runner. The ballistic tips are designed to explode so the only way you can prevent that is to slow them way down. You are better off with a partition, or accubond in the Nosler line up. My brother has had good luck with the Sierra game kings in 115 or 117 can't remember the exact weight.
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This would probably be a good application for a triple shock, etip or gmx.

These bullets will stay in one piece, at least at lower velocties. With your speed, it might shear petals off, but you'll have less damage than one that retains less weight.

The etip is probably the best bet if you want to keep the higher BC.
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Ridge Runner, I will be the first to admit I have limited experience with the BT bullets but what I have seen with them they expand to violently and cause way more damage than I like on deer. I know that Nosler has now thickened the jackets to help keep them from coming apart as much. I haven't used them on large game since my experience with the deer I shot. It did kill it and it didn't go far but it sure wasted alot more meat than other bullets I have used in the past.
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Try the Hornady 120gr. HP for deer,it was developed especially for the .257,you won't be sorry...
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You might give the 120-grain Nosler Partition or 115-grain Barnes-X bullets a try in your rifle. I owned a Weatherby Accumark that was chambered in 257-Weatherby. I shot 115-grain Barnes-X bullets. I like the way the Barnes-X bullet preformed on deer & antelope. I did not like all of the copper fouling I had with this rifle.
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