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Type of scale?

Old 04-26-2009, 05:28 PM
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Default Type of scale?

What type of scale would you recommend. Digital or analog? Does one offer better accuracy or ease of use. Also where do you recommend that I find reloading manuals. THANKS

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Old 04-27-2009, 06:13 AM
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Default RE: Type of scale?

Midway is a good source for reloading gear.I use an RCBS 505 balance beam scale.IMO they're safer than other types.If an elec scale malfunctions you might end up loading with excessive pressure and get hurt.Even to little pressure can be dangerous.IMO not worth the risk.Besides their only advantage is they settle/read a little faster.
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Default RE: Type of scale?

I use both, but I lean toward my RCBS Chargemaster digital scale for most use now. The RCBS 505 beam scale is now used mostly just to double check the digital scale. I prefer the digital scale for ease of use and speed, and it's always been reliably accurate to within 1/10th of a grain. Someday I'll buy the powder dispenser part to add to it, but for right now I'm happy with the scale.


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Default RE: Type of scale?

Here's another vote for the 505... It's very accurate and just plain easy to use. More expensive, does NOT mean more accurate...

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Default RE: Type of scale?

I use a Lyman DPMS 2 system, with a Lyman 500 beam scale to verify charge weight and to trickle up to the desired charge.
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Default RE: Type of scale?

I use a Pact electronic scale and are very happy with it. Good luck.
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Default RE: Type of scale?

I use the RCBS digital scale, I prefer it over the 5-0-5 beam scale. I do own a 5-0-5 beam scale that I would use as a back up if my digital scale ever failed me. You will want to buy a set of scale weights to double check any scale you buy. I check mine everytime before I start reloading. is a good place to find a reloading manual. I own a few reloading manuals, I do not like the Speer manual but I do like Nosler & Hornady manuals.
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Default RE: Type of scale?

I bought a 5-0-5 similar made scale by Lyman almost 40 years ago, and it's still being used today... IT has never failed me once in all those years and I even use it for loading my benchrest 6PPC's and all my other long range rifles.. dollar for dollar and inch for inch those el-cheapo deluxe scales will stand the test of time.. I'd buy another in a heart beat... no need whatsoever to spend the cash or look for anything more accurate, simple is ALWAYS BEST... great little time tested machine...
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Default RE: Type of scale?

I agree. i have used a Lyman/Ohaus 5-0-5 scale for more than 40 years. Ohaus was a major scale manufacturer who produced the scale. It has been accurate and absolutely trouble free.
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Default RE: Type of scale?

Another vote for the RCBS 505.
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Quick Reply: Type of scale?

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