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Default Accubond

I am a newb to this forum and have a question about the Accubond bullets. This is in no way an insult or anything just a simple question. Why does everyone love them on here? I have always used a spire point bullet for whitetailwith great results. I get very clean shots with little muscle damage or excessively large exit wounds. I shoot either a .270 or 06 both with 130 gr hornady spire points. The reason I ask is that the accubond are a lot more expensive than a spire point. So what about the accubond would justify me spending the extra coin? Just curious and by no means want to upset/insult anyone in the forum that loves these bullets.

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Default RE: Accubond

I shoot the 110gr Accubond in my 25.06 because they do just what Nosler claims in that you getballistic tipaccuracy with partition type performance.I know the accubond will penetrate and hold together no matter the angle of the animal. It's also the most accurate bullet i have found for this particular rifle. I haven't found these bullets to leave large exit wounds or at least that hasn't been the case with me. They look like a pencil hole going in and about the size of a nickel coming out with a nice big wound channel and dead deer.

Nothing wrong with Hornady bullets eitherI use to shoot the Hornady 130gr SP in my 30.06 and killed a ton of deer with it but i had a couple to pretty much explode at close range.I decided to try something else so i started looking for another light weight bullet that was better constructed. I ended up with the Barnes 130gr TSX and man that is a wicked bullet on whitetails from the 30.06 from close range out to as far as you want to shoot.
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Default RE: Accubond

In the 270 or 06 there is really no need for a premium bullet especially on whitetails. The accubond will offer a slight advantage in Ballistic Coefficient and they do tend to group well, but under 300 yards it is just academic. If the spire points are accurate in your gun and your not into long range shooting you should stick with what works and save the coin. I shoot premium bullets for deer because I choose to use premium bullets in my 06 when hunting elk and do not what to resight my rifle when I hunting whitetails. 150 grain corlockts have always done well on whitetails for me.
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Default RE: Accubond

I don't want to have to doubt what is going to happen when my bullet hits!

I shot a muley at 438 yards and a bull elk at 683 yards with my 300WM and 200gr Accubonds this year. The muley was damaged impressively. The elk was too, he absorbed 4 hits without reacting before going down but the bullet did its job. Then I handed my rifle to another hunter who gunned down a whitetail at about 200 yards. He thought it was already wounded so took a Texas heart shot. I was not there when they cleaned it but was told noone present had ever seen a deer so blown up inside from butt to chest.

Bottom line, I don't mind paying a few extra cents for the insurance the bullet offers. Now if I were shooting a slower round like a 30-06 and whitetails 200 yards and under, I might just go cheaper too.
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Default RE: Accubond

The Accubond combines the accuracy and ballistic coefficient of the Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet with a bonded core for maximizing penetration.

The Accubond is a premium bullet, and I agree with you, it is not necessary for deer-size game. But it does let you use smaller caliber rifles for larger animals, like caribou, elk & moose. But of course, so do other premiums like the Barnes "X" series and the Trophy Bonded or the Partition Jackettypes.
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Default RE: Accubond

jreid - If your Hornady's are working well for you then by all means stick with them. I use them too and see no reason for using premium bullets for whitetails. (unless they were the only ones that shot well out of my rifle).
That being said, I use Sierra Game Kings in my 30-06, Nosler Ballistic tips in my .270 Win and Nosler Accubonds in my 325WSM. All my other rifles/cartridges get a steady diet of the old reliable Hornady Interlocks. And from what I can gather, none of the deer seemed to know the difference.
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Default RE: Accubond

I use the accubonds in my 7mm mag and 300 mag on deer for the reason of core jacket seperation. In my 06 and other rifles i dont use them.
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Default RE: Accubond

2 simple reasons-accuracy and reliable expansion/penetration. It's bullets like these that allow the 1 rifle for everything concept to work well with different size animals.
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Default RE: Accubond

ORIGINAL: stalkingbear

2 simple reasons-accuracy and reliable expansion/penetration. It's bullets like these that allow the 1 rifle for everything concept to work well with different size animals.
Remember guys!
This is the time of intervation and what worked for years may or may not have been replaced, by a last or greatest bulletand or powder? Every rifle maker, rifleing used, powder combination and hunting used on is different! To make a an educated guess of the best out-come we need all the facts and information we can get?
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Default RE: Accubond

I have one more reason that why I like nosler. Even though I probably dont need the noslers for less than 200 yrd shots when I reload with noslers they just lookdamn nice when finished.
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