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Default 30-06

I have a brand new browning 30-06 a-bolt, and i was wondering what grain ballisticsi need to load for just everyday whitetail.
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Default RE: 30-06

I like to use 56 GR of 4350 behind a 150 grain nosler ballistic tip ragged holes at 100yards! Another favorite is a hornady 165 GR btsp with max load of 4350groups MOA as well
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Default RE: 30-06

Anything that will shoot well, will kill a deer via 30-06....

180 grain Federal Blue Box flat slams 'em per factory loads, and just about any good cup and core as well, per reloading, regardless of grain weight. Deer simply are not bullet proof.

If you like the notion of loading TSX's the 168's are, IMHO, a bit much for whitetails..but if you like trainwrecking them they are bullet.

Just recieved a box of 150 TSX's to try, though I'll be doing less deer killing with my '06 with the completion of my .243AI......
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Default RE: 30-06

I shoot the 150 grain NBT over IMR 4350 and have great results in my Rem 700. This year I am thinking about trying 150 grain TSX over H4895 and see how they perform. I also shoot 140 grain NBT in my 7mm Rem Mag and they perform great using IMR 4831.
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Default RE: 30-06

I like the 165 grain bullets in the 06. I have used the 165 interbonds even on Elk withgreat results.They areclose enough to the 150s in velocity to often shoot equally flat due to having higher BC whileproducing better terminal performance.
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Default RE: 30-06

Ditto the 165 gr. Hornady Interbond! My .30-06 loves 'em and they work great on deer.

Here's my load:

58 grs. H4350
Lapua brass
Fed210M primer

I seat themabout .010" off the lands in mypre-'64 Win. Model 70 andI get sub MOA 5 shotgroups at 100 yrds. Depending on your magazine length you may have to seat them deeper.

As always,carefully work up to that load from below paying attention to pressure signs.
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the 165 gr.has the best sectional density, which means it will retain its velocity and down range energy better than the 150 or 180 gr. i have reloaded the 06 for over 20 years and have tried lots of different powders imr 4350 is the best that i have found.
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Default RE: 30-06

I have the same gun I shoot 180 gr Sierra RN bullets for deer. My spot doesn't off much over 150 yard shot so a goos RN bullet provided plenty enoughto knock them right off their feet. I also190 gr Berger VLD for elk, It provided me with a little bit of longer range capability and does an excellent job on impact. Both will flat do the job.
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Default RE: 30-06

My deer load in the '06 is a 150gr Interbond over 51grs of IMR4064 for 2950fps.

Deer aren't armor clad and most any 150-18gr bullet will do it's job if you do yours.

Good luck,

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Default RE: 30-06

150 gr. Nosler ballistic tips over 58 gr. IMR 4350 does sub 1" in my gun
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