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444. Marlin

Old 07-13-2005, 07:04 PM
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Default 444. Marlin

What bullets can you recomend for this round.
I was thinking about the 250gr Nosler Part...
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

Thats the bullet I am going with on my 45-70. At least 350gr.
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

In my experience, cast bullets are the only way to go in the .444. Lee's 310 grain FN bullets is a great performer, but a bit long for some rifles. I have a custom 285 grain FN that is also a very good .444 bullet. Beartooth Bullets a good source for .444 bullets. Check out the technical articles on the .444 while you are there.
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

I've been loading 210gr HP's in mine for deer. The lighter bullet puts the flame to her and hits deer like a train. No tracking necessary.
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

I've tried allot of different bullets and had the best luck with the 265Gr. Hornady flatnose. I've personally seen it take down a Buffalo at 265 yards. Not bad for a 444... That was with a max load of H335. I was able to duplicate the performance of Hornady's Light Magnum load pretty closely...

I'd show you a picture of what it did to the Buff's heart but it's kinda gross...
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

ORIGINAL: Mr. Longbeard

What bullets can you recomend for this round.
I was thinking about the 250gr Nosler Part...

Couldnt go wrong with a partition, but you might try a 225 grain barnes X bullet im pushing those over 25 grains of H4227 from my Black Hawk revolver at a little over 1,500 fps from the little bit of testing ive done it will be a real killer on a whitetail. I could only imagine the increase of performance if they were to be shot from a 444 over 2,000 fps all I can say is they will be smokin loads
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

265 Hornady Interlock.
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Old 07-17-2005, 08:32 AM
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

240 Gr. rem Coreloks @ 2550 fps is what I use.
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

Use the 265gr Hornady FP's

Scary accuracy, low recoil, death warrant for anything.

I give them a A+++++
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Default RE: 444. Marlin

I shot two deer last year with the .444 marlin. One was shot using a pistol, the other with a lever. Both were killed using 240 gr. factory Remington loads. Each of the deer died in it's tracks andI found the bullet on both deer just under the hide on the far side of the animal. I was very impressed with the killing power the of this caliber, but unimpressed with the Remington bullet. Each bullet had completely separated from it's copper jacket and actually made two holes as it went through the far side rib cage.

Looking at the Remington bullets, its easy to see that the jacket has less coverage than other .444 bullets and this is why the separation occured. I now shoot 270 & 300 gr. Speer and 265 gr. Hornady. I absolutely love this cartridge and would reccommend the 444 to anyone who hunts in areas where shots are under 150 yds.
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