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best sound for coyotes?

Old 01-23-2014, 12:28 PM
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Default best sound for coyotes?

I got a Cass Creek mini coyote call (elctronic) and its got turkey poult, rat distress, pup whine,and grouse distress what usaly works the best?
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Originally Posted by blaZer_2
I got a Cass Creek mini coyote call (elctronic) and its got turkey poult, rat distress, pup whine,and grouse distress what usaly works the best?
Out of that list (pretty pathetic list for a coyote e-call these days - is that really all that's on it? Poor investment at any price if that's all that's on it), then RIGHT NOW I'd be playing pup whine. Assuming the "pup whine" sounds like a small domestic dog.

A very similar topic already exists here in the reference section, might make sense to have Cal move this question into that thread so we keep the topics together and keep the Reference Section easily searchable.

HNI Predator Reference Section - Year 'Round Coyote Calling Sounds

Rabbit distress is always a go-to sound, that rat distress might be fair, but play it quietly (don't sound like a 200lb rat). Bad part is that we're getting to the part of the year where everyone and their dog has been out calling coyotes, so they've heard all of the standard sounds and gotten wise to it. Male dogs should be getting territorial by now in preparation for breeding season, if they're not breeding already. This is the time of year they'll be coming up into yards more and eating your neighbors small dogs, and using small dog barks or pup distress can work. Coyote pup distress sounds and whines will be later in the spring/early summer, so if it doesn't sound like a small domestic dog, then I'd pass and pray that rat distress sound works.
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You know the only coyotes I ever called in, were called in with a mouth blown deer call.
Those coyotes seemed to like that deer call. That mouth call must have just thrown those coyotes off; a call they weren't use to.
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It doesn't have a rabbit in distress?? wow if it had a rabbit that is my fave sorry i am not really a big help lol
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I've been hunting coyotes and fox for a very long time. I don't think there is any one sound that is best for coyotes. Different times of the year and just different days make a difference what they will come too.

First thing is locating the coyotes, Use a siren call to do that.
Right now the pup whine is working and soon a fawn in distress works well. A hurt Rabbit works well many a time.
They have came to chicken fight sounds and even wood pecker sounds.

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it all depends on what mood the coyote your calling is in, and what time of year your huntin. typically I like to use a mixture of rabbit distress and coyote barks and howls. good luck
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In an open field play the loudest one. In the woods something softer. Rat will work in the woods, I have seen coyotes and bobcats catch squirrels while deer hunting.
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#1 predator call = "Animal" in distress.
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Wish I knew.
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I think I do best on a woodpecker sound here, and that's funny as I never seen many of them about the area's I hunt in??

squeaking mole/vole also is up there with a rabbit for me too!
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